Breast Reconstruction


What is a Breast Reconstruction in Miami?


The Breast Reconstruction is a surgical procedure to improve or reconstruct the breast. It can be done for several reasons. The Breast Reconstruction can be done to increase and improve the shape and the volume of the breasts after pregnancy, breast-feeding, after a Mastectomy or because the natural aging that cause saggy breasts.



There are many techniques for a Breast Reconstruction depending on the characteristics and needs of the patient whether it be Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, or Breast Reduction

Who Can Have a Breast Reconstruction done?

The Breast Reconstruction can be done to any women who have had a change in their breast because of pregnancy or breastfeeding. The aging normally can cause saggy breast and it can be improved by a Breast Reconstruction. Most  women who have had a Mastectomy are able to undergo a Breast Reconstruction.


What results can I expect from a Breast Reconstruction?

 Breast Reconstruction surgery, in any option, will result in an improved and raised bust. This procedure prolongs the results, since the combination of techniques remain bulky and full breasts for a longer time.

Consultation Process

The consultation is the ideal space for patient / surgeon communication. The patient should tell the doctor about the expectations and needs related with the Breast Reconstruction surgery. The doctor will guide the patient for the best results. 

The medical staff will check the overall health of the patient as well as any condition or issue that could affect the surgery such as smoking. The doctor will analyze any issue that might influence the results such as the patient’s anatomy or the amount of tissue available that the patient has in her breast.

Technique and Protocol

 The technique depends on the chosen procedure. The most common procedures are: the Breast Reconstruction with implants (silicone or saline) and Tissue flap procedure. In our clinic the most requested is the Breast Reconstruction with implants

 The method varies in each woman. Because of that, the surgeon will make a personalized consultation. The nipple and the areola can be restored as well using a tissue flap technique with fat grafting or with Micropigmentation. In this procedure the surgeon will use, normally, general anesthesia (more comfortable for the patient).

 When refering to Breast Reconstruction with implants the breast implants can be silicone implants and saline implants. The newest silicone implants are made of a cohesive silicone gel that obtain a more real touch result. The saline implants are made of a silicone shell filled with saline solution more likely our body fluid. Both type of implants are totally approved by the FDA to use it in United States of America.   

Incision Methods

The incision place will depend on the chosen procedure. The incision of a Breast Reconstruction can be done underneath the mammary fold or from the areola to the mammary fold. It depends on the procedure that the surgeon will perform. In all cases the doctor will try to make incisions that can be barely visibles after surgery. 

Implant Placement

The implants will be inserted underneath the skin and the chest muscle. There are other options but, in our clinic we insert the implant behind the muscle in a tissue support called “pocket” because this method reduces the possibility of displacement or break. 

Recovery and Aftercare

After a Breast Reconstruction surgery the patient will be checked by a medical follow-up that starts 24 hours after surgery. The follow-up is structured every 7 days to revise the surgery success and check the overall health of the patient. The medical staff will provide instructions for a better and faster recovery. The patient should follow the instructions. It is not recommended to lift the arms over the shoulders or carrying weight at all. It is recommended not to smoke before and after the surgery at least for a month. It is not permitted the use of blood-thinning medication because bleeding risks.


In our clinic this procedure is performed by the doctors Jose Zayas M.D., Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D., and Aristides Martinez A.A.C.S. We have a long list of satisfied patients. Call us for more information. 

Is Breast Reconstruction safe?

For us, at My Cosmetic Surgery, the safety of our patients is our priority. We have an impeccable record of over 20 years without any incidents. Our specialists are among the bests in the aesthetic field in the entire State of Florida. Our equipments, techniques and facilities are duly certified.

When having a Breast Reconstruction, as well as in other aesthetic procedures, following doctor’s instructions is the the key to success. For the guarantee of our patients, we offer a full and sufficient preoperative evaluation for the patient, the surgeon and the anesthetist. We offer a complete analysis, an accurate diagnosis for each individual case and a personalized treatment plan, as well as postoperative control by the surgeon during the first 24 hours and then monitoring consultations.

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