Brow Lift

What is a Brow Lift?

The brow lift is a surgical procedure to reposition the tissues and tighten the facial muscles around the eyebrows. As the years pass, wrinkles begin to appear and tissues lose their firmness as part of the aging process. Eyebrows are an important facial feature which frame our face but are not immune to the effects of aging skin. When tissues have their strong and youthful position, eyebrows bring an appearance to our face of sadness and fatigue. So, cosmetic surgery has developed techniques to raise eyebrows and rejuvenate the expressions of the face.

Who Can Have This Procedure Done?

Anyone who feels that their eyebrows no longer have the height they should and want to improve the appearance of their face is a viable candidate for this surgery. The ideal candidate would be in good overall health. This intervention has no specific age limit as techniques have been developed for all types of patients.

What Results Can I Expect From This Procedure?

You can expect excellent results from this procedure. You can expect your to face look younger and firm. After this intervention you can say goodbye to sagging eyebrows and the appearance of sadness and fatigue that comes with loose skin. In addition, you can choose from a few temporary or permanent results, depending on their expectations regarding the surgery.

Consultation Process

The consultation is where patients are expected to ask the surgeon any questions they may have. The doctor will explain to the patient the characteristics of the procedure and will tell the patient what the best method specific to the patient’s characteristics and needs. Each medical evaluation is personalized for each patient’s unique needs.

Technique and Protocol

The technique depends on the procedure the doctor has chosen with, of course, the prior approval of the patient. There are three general techniques utilized in the browlift.

The coronal browlift, or facelift, is the traditional procedure performed on patients who need a repositioning of tissues or elimination of forehead lines. The surgeon makes an incision in the hairline to access the tissues of the forehead. During surgery, the doctor makes a stretching of the skin of the forehead and removes excess skin. When performing this stretch, facial muscles tense and eyebrows are pushed back into position. The wound in this procedure is hidden in the hairline.

The temporary eyebrows lifting is a procedure similar to aforementioned but with smaller incisions. The surgeon makes small incisions in the forehead or hairline and repositions the tissues around the eyebrows. The results of this intervention last from three to four years.

The endoscopic brow lift is the third kind of procedure. This technique obtains similar results through the use of endoscopic techniques, it is less invasive and less skin is removed. It is recommended especially for young patients, ones that are about thirty years-old.

Recovery and Aftercare

Aftercare will depend on the procedure that was performed on the patient. The medical staff will monitor to check the patient's progress and success of the surgery. 24 hours after surgery, the patient will have his/her first follow-up appointment and will receive all recommendations which he/she should follow to the tee until medically advised to cease. Patients can resume their regular daily lives within 7 days of surgery.


In our clinic this surgery is performed by Dr.M.D. who has a long list of satisfied patients. We have an experience of over twenty years, so visit us or give us a call if you are planning to rejuvenate your face.