What is it? 

Endermologie is a technique recognized worldwide for the treatment of cellulite and body contouring. For excellent results, it has become one of the most popular treatments in recent years. It fits perfectly to any condition and body and surprised by its effectiveness both physiologically and aesthetically.

The Endermologie is a nonsurgical safe procedure, which improves skin tone, promotes lymphatic drainage, circulation and reduces cellulite, while contributing to the remodeling of the figure. Treat cellulite by acting on hypodermic connective tissues, stimulating vascularization, elimination of toxins and intercellular exchanges and mobilizing the "connective gel" to restore all the softness to the skin. It also reduces fluid retention, favoring the functioning of the venous and lymphatic systems and is able to mold the body and reduce volume, enhancing lipolysis in the deepest fat levels.

Who can practice the procedure?

The Endermologie is suitable for men and women of any age who have good general health condition and wish to eliminate cellulite.

What results can I expect from the procedure?

Although Endermologie was originally created to treat cervical problems, they reported the results indicated that the technique was extraordinary to combat cellulite, localized fat and achieve a more defined and lean silhouette. But not only that, but it helps to have a well-being and overall improvement of the whole organism.
Although it is not a technique specifically designed for weight loss, it has been proven to help facilitate this process, especially if combined with a regimen of diet and exercise. They have reported increased energy and an overall feeling of relaxation in patients, as well as softness in the skin that everyone will notice.

Technique and protocol

The Endermologie is a treatment for cellulite consisting of applying a massage machine driven rollers 2 which provides gentle suction on the skin. Movements and speeds and intensities of pressure, properly combined, lymphatic stimulation applied that removes fat and shine and smoothness to the skin.It is necessary to clarify that the formula for success is timing device, the method and the esthetician, who decides how hard to mold each zone. For the machine to work better and slide through the body, a special mesh is used to cover the patient, as a fitting suit, which guarantees the best performance of the device and ensures optimal hygiene.

Recovery and postoperative care

The average duration of procedure Endermologie is about 15 sessions of 35 minutes once or twice a week. What results start to be visible from the sixth or eighth and then completed a monthly visit for maintenance is established. It is recommended during and after receiving this treatment for cellulite increase skin hydration, drink enough water (at least two liters) and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

Who does this?

In our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery This procedure is performed by specialist Mildrey Perdomo , with extensive experience in providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services.