Fat freezing

What is Fat freezing?

Fat freezing is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in Miami these days. The Fat freezing procedure is a new and amazing technique for fat removal. It is a non-invasive method to eliminate the unwanted fat localized in areas such as arms, back, abdomen, hips and thighs.

This new technique has been created and developed here in United States and offers excellent results.  The Fat freezing procedure consist on the application of very low temperatures directly in the area that we want to treat. When cold contact with the fat the adipose cells freeze and reduce its size. When the fat is reduced our specialists apply other treatments to help the body to eliminate the fat itself, by a natural process.

Who can have the fat freezing procedure done?

The Fat freezing procedure is an excellent choice for people in good overall health. It is ideal for people who have unwanted fat and want to improve their image. This treatment is not indicated to overweight but it is a technique to reduce the unwanted fat located in difficult areas such as the abdomen. This procedure is perfect for those people that are fit but still have extra-weight in some parts of their bodies.

What results I can expect from Fat freezing?

Certainly, you can expect amazing results from Fat freezing technique. The results begin to be visible from the third session.  This non surgery technique is an excellent alternative for people that cannot have done a surgical procedure for any reason such as a concrete medical condition. While the body eliminates the fat naturally, the results will be visible. If you are fit by doing exercise and going on a diet but you cannot lose some fat in determinate areas, the Fat freezing is your better option without surgery.

We have a long list of satisfied patients that you can see in our video Gallery

Fat Freezing | Consultation

The specialist must do a personalized evaluation of the patient in order to plan the treatment accordingly to the weight/ height and preferences. Also, the specialist must know how many unwanted fat is going to be treated. The Fat freezing machine can be personalized in order to treat every patient’s needs.  The consultation is the ideal moment to discuss with your doctor or specialist all your doubts and desires related with Fat freezing procedure.

This treatment is not recommended for people who have serious overweight, renal problems or cardiovascular issues. If you have any serious disease you should ask your specialist.

Fat Freezing | Technique and Protocol

The Fat freezing is a new method to eliminate unwanted fat and the process combine several techniques. Our Fat Freezing treatment, in My Cosmetic Surgery Miami, combine Cavitation, Lipolaser and Radiofrequency. Fat Freezing has to be made with a period of 6 weeks between each session and in between we can perform Cavitation and Radiofrequency sessions to accelerate the process of fat elimination. This is a backup treatment to have faster and better results. The procedures envolved in the treatments are:

Fat freezing: this treatment freezes the fat with very low temperatures. The specialist applies a vacuum technique in the area that we want to treat. Cold makes the adipose cells smaller for an easier elimination. The session last about 30 minutes and is an outpatient procedure. 

Cavitation and Lipolaser: these treatments are performed like support treatment after a Fat freezing session. After a Lipo freezing session the adipose cells become smaller and weaker and Cavitation and Lipolaser destroy easier the adipose cells for a natural elimination of the organism by the lymphatic drainage. 

Radiofrequency: this procedure makes our skin firmer. Cavitation and Lipolaser eliminate unwanted fat and Radiofrequency tense the skin. The previous procedures eliminate fat and this treatment help us with skin retraction. The Radiofrequency help our body to produce collagen as well for a younger skin. 

The results begin to be visible after the third session, generally. Because of that the patient must be constant with the treatment. 


Fat freezing | Recovery and aftercare 

Fat freezing procedure does not require a complicated postoperative period because is an outpatient treatment with an easy application as long as the treatment is made by a professional. After a Fat freezing session, the patient can go home and do all daily activities without restrictions.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water to help our body to eliminate the fat naturally. It is recommended to combine Fat freezing procedure with a balanced diet and physical exercises to obtain amazing results.

After the Fat freezing treatment rest is not required. Might appear some redness or bruises (because the cold) but it is not common. 

Fat Freezing | Specialist

In My Cosmetic Surgery Miami, the Fat freezing procedure is performing by the specialist Zuleika Munives who has a lot of experience in non-invasive cosmetic procedure’s application. 

Fat Freezing | FAQs

The Fat Freezing procedure is a non- invasive treatment that has to be made by sessions. Because of that, the patient will have to assist to the recommended sessions to see visible results. Generally, after the third session the patient will be able to appreciate some fat reduction of the localized adipose tissue. You can obtain excellent results with the Fat Freezing procedure as long as the treatment is performed by a qualified professional and the patient follows all the recommendations.
Every patient is different so, each patient will need a personalized evaluation in order to determinate the number of sessions needed. In the Consultation the specialist will evaluate the amount of fat, weight and height of the patient to plan the sessions of Fat freezing.
The Fat Freezing procedure is not a painful treatment. Fat Freezing is not a surgery, but a non-invasive procedure. The freezing can cause some discomfort during the process of elimination of fat but it is totally bearable. The application of cold will affect just the adipose cells, not the surrounding tissues.
We can combine Fat Freezing with other procedures. In fact, we usually combine Fat Freezing with Cavitation and Radiofrequency for faster and better results. Fat Freezing has to be made with a period of 6 weeks between each session and in between we can perform Cavitation and Radiofrequency sessions to accelerate the process of fat elimination.
This is what lots of patients think when they hear “Lipo” but that prefix just alludes to the fat. The Lipo freezing or Fat freezing is a non-surgical technique.

Other procedures you may be interested in


Cavitation: This is a cosmetic treatment to reduce localized fat. This procedure can eliminate the cellulite as well in order to obtain a perfect body. This treatment gets perfect silhouette without fat using an ultrasound technique that destroy the adipose cells. The treatment dissolves the adiposity and the body eliminate it naturally. Cavitation can be combined with Fat Freezing for better and faster results.

Endermologie: This is a technique for body remodeling and cellulite elimination so hard to eliminate with traditional methods such as diet and physical exercise.  

Microdermabrasion: This is a cosmetic procedure that exfoliates the skin. The Microdermabrasion can eliminate the most superficial layers of the skin to eliminate dead cells and impurities. This procedure stimulates the regeneration of the skin to restore radiance and youthfulness of the skin. This procedure is one of the most requested facial treatments in our Clinic to combat the visible signs of aging. 

Vitaminotherapy: Este procedimiento consiste en la aplicación de microinyecciones de vitaminas, minerales y aminoácidos directamente en la zona de la cara que se quiere tratar. Es una técnica muy eficaz en manos, cara y cuello. 

Electrical Stimulation: This is a cosmetic technique used for skin rejuvenation. This cosmetic procedure can restore firmness of the skin to combat the visible signs of aging such as sagging skin. Electrical stimulation has proven effective treatments in patients who have had circulatory problems and also facial paralysis. The procedure consists of a low-intensity electrical stimulation directly to the nerves and muscles to get active responses that stimulate the rejuvenation process.

Ultrasound Stimulation: this technique has taken a boom in recent years as an effective treatment to alleviate the visible signs of natural aging of our skin. This procedure non-invasive procedure performs an ultrasonic stimulation in the deeper layers of the skin to lift, tighten and tone the skin. It is an excellent procedure to tighten the muscles of the face, neck and chest.

Facial Radiofrequency: is a treatment for sagging skin and cellulite. Radiofrequency with electromagnetic radiation causes a  skin reactions that promote collagen formation. This technique applies in the dermis a controlled heating, also, promotes lymphatic drainage and proper circulation of the body.

Fat freezing | Related posts

fat freezing procedure imageTechnical positive cosmetics: The cavitation is one of the newest techniques to eliminate problems such as cellulite.  In spite of the fact that there are multiple novel treatments that meet their own functions , still the advantages of this technique are evident within the cosmetics. In My Cosmetic Surgery is applied with great success the cavitation, as evidenced by our massage therapist, Zuleika Munives : " this is not a method to lose weight, it is important clarify it, because the patient is confused. it helps to treat cellulite, to reduce inches in arms, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, etc but it is not a treatment for overweight". Advantage of cavitation is that it is not invasive and does not require any type of surgery . Its essence lies in the fact that the machine generates ultrasonic waves that break the membrane that covers the grease and absorbs the fat cells. It is recommended to drink plenty of water before and after the procedure to help the body to eliminate the fat naturally. Munives adds that this is an ideal procedure for patients who do not want surgical procedures. After the treatment "makes a message of lymphatic drainage so that the body drain the grease that broke with the machine and then performs the radiofrequency that is with the aim to reaffirm the skin," she adds.


fat freezing procedure imageThe elimination of cellulitie through Endermologie in Miami: Another of the procedures we have in my Cosmetic Surgery for the elimination of the cellulite is the Endermologie, one of the early techniques that were used by the cosmetic surgery to achieve the body will gently wiggle each shovel through the decrease of the circumference of the thighs and waist and to promote the aesthetics of the skin. However the range of applications, cellulite is the condition where best results can be seen with this appliance. According to studies, more than 85 percent of women have cellulite, which is a disease that is characterized by promoting the image of holes on the surface of the skin. The reality are two adjustable rollers working to massage the skin and sucking at the same time. Well there is an increase of movement of the blood,greater oxygenation of adipose tissue and the elimination of toxins from the body. With this procedure will be creating a symmetrical skin after that double and then deployment with the effect of the rollers. This is due to a deep massage and slowly that help to exacerbate the effects of expulsion of fluids, promote the functioning of the lymphatic and venous systems and to reduce the volume, because it destroys the grease in the points of the body more unfathomable. At the same time that reduces the adipose tissue, it is still a result of advances in the aesthetics of the skin with a gradual reduction of the holes and the so-called "orange peel" that form cellulite. The procedure starts with the clothing of the patient with a particular costume to be able to assimilate the treatment through the rollers. Some level of discomfort will be felt in a steady way, especially by the process of suction of the fat in the case of the thighs, the movement of the rollers is doing in all the parties. According to studies, as they increase the session will be seeing results as a considerable loss of fat and greater smoothness of the skin.

fat freezing procedure imageRadiofrequency in Miami: Radiofrequency is definitely one of the most used techniques and with the best results in cosmetic procedures. Taking advantage of the electromagnetic waves can be solved different conditions that can go from wrinkles on the face to cellulite. In My Cosmetic Surgery this is very well used, as shown in the therapist Zuleika Munives , who says that the main function of the radio frequency is to regenerate the collagen in the body, as well as elastin and melatonin in the skin. "This process helps the skin look smoother, healthier, and fresher. “This is a procedure which complies with the same objectives as the plasma, which prick and painless", argues. The laxity of the skin on the face and neck can be removed with this technique, which is ideal in the initial periods that do not require the execution of a facelift. In this area, as in others, the treatment starts taking several photos with the marking of the skin with a surgical marker. The energy becomes the body through contact with an oil that washes the skin area to be treated. Aloe Vera gel is the best to refresh the skin at the end of the treatment.

Fat freezing | Glossary

Non-invasive methods: are methods that not require surgery to be performed. Fat freezing, Cavitation and Radiofrequency are  non-surgical (non-invasive) procedures.

Adipose cells: are the cells that compose the adipose tissue. There are two types of adipose cells: white tissue (or white fat) and brown tissue (brown fat). 

Collagen: it is one of the components of various connective tissues. The collagen can be rigid (bone), compliant (tendon) or in the middle between rigid and compliant (cartilage). The collagen is used in many cosmetic treatments to help the body to restore tissues. Also, it is used as dermal filler

Lymphatic drainage: The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the inmune system. The lymphatic drainage envolves various functions such as transport of fatty acids, white blood cells, etc.

Is Fat freezing safe?

In My Cosmetic Surgery Miami we take your safety very seriously and, therefore, we only perform FDA approved treatments and latest technology equipment, rigorously tested. Our professionals are well accredited. All of them have extensive experience in healthcare and beauty. Visit us for a free consultation and meet our  Fat freezing procedure for removing localized fat and cellulite.