Fat Grafting

What Is It?

Fat grafting is a procedure that is also known as rejuvenation. It is a microinjection of fat used to increase some areas where the patient lacks volume. This treatment is usually performed on the hands, face (including lips), or the contour of the body where the patient has any lack of volume. Fat grafting, or fat microinjections as it is also known, has a similar effect to dermal fillers which rejuvenate and give volume to the face. The difference is that the fat used to add volume is obtained from the patient’s own body and purified for redistribution. 

Who Can Have This Procedure Done?

The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who has good general health and desires to add volume to other areas which lack. Anyone who has lost volume in their cheeks or hands and wishes to recover this volume in order to look younger is a viable candidate.

What Results Can I Expect From This Procedure?

fat grafting results

You can expect great results from this procedure, fat microinjections not only rejuvenate the appearance but offer the possibility of doing it naturally with the patient's own fat; therefore, it offers excellent, lasting and natural results.

Consultation Process

During consultations, our doctors will conduct a personalized assessment of the patient and advise them on all matters relating to the procedure. It is important to ask the doctor any questions you may have about the treatment and discuss your expectations with the doctor. The doctor will explain the procedure and make an estimate of how many sessions you need. If you are a smoker or have a skin condition, notify your doctor during the consultation.




Technique and Protocol

fat grafting results image fat grafting results image

The technique used for fat grafting consists of two phases. In the first, the surgeon removes the patient's own fat for redistribution. This fat, which is extracted from the patient’s own localized fat deposits, is centrifuged and purified to extract the necessary cells. In the second phase, the surgeon performs the microinjection of fat in the same area where you want to add volume.

Procedure Advantages

This is a procedure that uses natural substance (the patient’s own fat) so no previous compatibility test are required.
It is a minimally invasive procedure
It rejuvenates the patient's appearance without surgery
It offers natural results
The period of recovery and aftercare are minimal.

Recovery and Aftercare

This procedure is not  complex this intels that the recovery period is quite short. Patients are advised not to perform physical exercise during the first three days. The discomfort and possible swelling will gradually diminish during the first few days. These recommendations may vary for each patient so it is recommended to follow the instructions and advice of the medical specialists to the letter. 


This fat grafting procedure is carried out in our clinic by plastic surgeon Dr. M.D. who has a long list of satisfied patients, over fifteen years of experience, and the best professional guarantees. Visit us for more information.