Mommy Makeover

What is it?

Some women experience severe changes in their bodies after pregnancy: body weight increases, the abdominal muscles are broken, folds and grooves are formed on the skin, breasts fall. Thanks to Mommy Makeover is now possible to recover the ideal way that women had before motherhood. This is a combination of cosmetic surgeries that helps mothers of any age to get amazing results. The Mommy Makeover is an innovative group of surgical procedures designed to combat the physiological changes that women experience when passing through the various stages of motherhood and improve figure by restoring its natural female form. During this process, each part of the female body gets particularized attention and specific treatment, according to the state presented. Basically, it comes to breast surgery and other body contouring in a single surgical procedure. The version that is done in our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery combines liposuction, a tummy tuck and breast lift.

Who can practice the procedure?

Patients seeking to recover body shape they have lost due to pregnancy and childbirth are good candidates for a Mommy Makeover. To qualify for this procedure, patients must have at least 21 years of age or older, and be in good health. The surgeon will evaluate the health conditions of the person and what procedures are necessary and advisable according to their biotype.

What results can I expect from the procedure?

The purpose of a Mommy Makeover is to improve the appearance of a woman's body after pregnancy and childbirth, improve your figure and give a more youthful shape. The Mommy Makeover improves self-esteem of a woman and perception of itself, to contribute to the recovery of its natural female form. The Mommy Makeover is specific to each woman and fits your wants and needs of your body. In order to achieve lasting results, the patient should be physically active and maintain a healthy diet. 

Consultation Process

During the pre-surgery consultation, the patient the surgeon will discuss your goals, desires, concerns and the results you expect. The surgeon will set your treatment plan, which may include several procedures. The specialist will answer the concerns and worries of the patient to help you make the best choice depending on the desired results and analysis respecting their anatomy.

Technical and protocol

In the case of breast, surgery focuses on improving and restoring the visual appearance and tactile feeling and naturalness. It can be done one breast lift or a breast augmentation, whether you want to remove excess skin and raising the profile or restore lost volume. In the abdominal area a tummy tuck, or liposuction can be performed. If the idea is to return to have a smooth and flat stomach, you restore the strength and definition of the abdominal muscles, remove excess skin and fat, a tummy tuck is recommended. Instead, to reduce accumulated fat in the hips, buttocks, thighs and sides of the body, and restore the natural forms of the body, it is ideal liposuction. The Mommy Makeover may also work the area of the arms, thighs or eyelids, depending on the wishes and needs of the body of the patient.

Methods incision

In breast augmentation, minimally invasive incision techniques are used, because with smaller cuts are achieved excellent results with less scarring and less visible. In relation to the location of the incisions, these will be made by mutual agreement between surgeon and patient. Meanwhile, in the sinus lift procedure, location, magnitude and the incisions will depend on the conditions in which the breasts are. Regarding the tummy tuck, the incision is placed in the lower abdomen, following the bikini line, so it is discreetly hidden by clothing and swimwear. In addition, excess skin and fat are removed and if the shape of the navel has been altered surgically corrected. The scars tend to disappear over time. Liposuction uses small to aspirate fat deposits by cannula (hollow tube species) incisions. 

Recovery and postoperative care

The Mommy Makeover is an intense process, due to the simultaneous performance of several cosmetic surgeries and the use of general anesthesia. Therefore, patients should be prepared for a significant period of recovery. It is essential to rest, take it easy and follow the instructions of your surgeon. The extent depends on how many processes are conducted, and the duration and extent of these. It has established an average of six weeks of healing to reform a healthy balance. Try to return to active life rhythm too soon can lead to serious complications and reduce the aesthetic results. 

Who does this?

In our clinic this procedure My Cosmetic Surgery is performed by specialist Dr. M.D. Plastic –surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with over ten years of experience in providing cosmetic and aesthetic-medical services and Dr.M.D. cosmetic –surgeon with over thirty years of experience in surgical and recognized for his combination of advanced medical knowledge and training practice.