Peeling the word translates as "stripping" the skin. It can be chemical, as a substance used to do it; physical / mechanical, when performed by a device; or enzyme, when performed with an exfoliating composed enzymes. Whether one way or another, the goal is to achieve a renewal of the most superficial layers of the skin.

What is it?

By this process physical or mechanical means (mechanical peeling or dermabrasion), chemicals (chemical peeling) or enzyme in order to remove or wear at different depths of the skin layers are applied. The aim is to provoke a controlled renewal of the skin with reparative or aesthetic goals. According depth can be used for improving appearance of scars and acne scars, stains etc.

Who can practice the procedure?

It is suitable for all men and women who have good health and have any of the following aesthetic problems: minor wrinkles, marks soft expression, acne and its scars, open and dirty pores, blackheads and whiteheads, skin blemishes, dehydration and photoaging. The exceptions are pregnant women, people who have infections on the skin or those with recent wounds.

What results can I expect from the procedure?

Treat stains, some scars and fine lines. To exfoliate the skin thickness of the upper layers is reduced and the tone becomes much brighter. The fact reactive stripping the skin's natural collagen production, so that new cells and the face looks much fresher and toned form. This treatment penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and promotes controlled imperceptible and flaking dead cells. It has a soothing, illuminating effect, and minimizes surface wrinkles.

According to the chemical used in the peeling will be obtained different degrees of exfoliation. In the case of acne, the improvement is noticeable from the first session, but about six sessions may be necessary. In skin spots are usually necessary between 6 and 12 sessions despigmentantes peelings and the results begin to be seen from the third or fourth session.

In the treatment to alleviate skin aging, they are usually made about five sessions peeling which is then supplemented by other techniques such as laser, filling wrinkles, treatment of wrinkles etc. And the results can be seen after the first session. The effects of facial peels are quite durable although it is recommended booster sessions.

Technical and protocol

Prior to any kind of peeling should be performed degreasing and deep cleansing of the skin. After the required amount of acid is applied indicated. It is allowed to act within the time required. You will notice a burning or itching sensation and redness. After the time required acid and neutralized itching sensation will fade while a moisturizing mask is applied.

It can be mechanical (physical or mechanical instruments used), chemical (used chemicals), enzymatic (using a type comprising exfoliating enzymes) or ultrasonic (performed with ultrasonic devices).

Also they are classified according to the intensity with which "work" in different depths layers of the skin (superficial peel, medium and / or deep).

Recovery and care

For one or two weeks (depending on the physician prescriber), you should not be in the sun and also use moisturizers on the area.

Who does this?

In our clinic My Cosmetic Surgery perform these procedures A.A.M.A,F.B,C.L. cosmetologists and Sonia Posada, with extensive experience in providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services.