Six Pack

What Is It?

The Six Pack is the technique by which the surgeon sculpts the patient's abdomen, leaving the muscles in the abdominal area is popularly precisely known as "Six pack" visible. This technique can be done by Vaser Liposuction or Vaser Hi Definition are methods using ultrasonic technology for removing localized fat from the same cell of adiposity. These techniques have diluted once localized fat, the extracted with a special cannula for the definition of the figure. In carrying out the Six Pack, the surgeon will insert a special cannula to remove fat, which allows muscle redefinition.

Who Can Have This Procedure Done?

This procedure is for people in good general health to keep a healthy lifestyle and perform physical exercise. Ideal candidates are those who despite having good physical shape do not get the desired definition in the abdominal area.

What Results Can I Expect From This Procedure?

The results you can expect from this procedure are obtaining a completely defined abdomen and the total elimination of abdominal fat. If you are a person in good physical shape, but belly fat resists, our technique for defining the Six Pack may be the solution.

Consultation Process

The patient will be evaluated before the procedure to check whether it is a viable candidate and discuss their options and expectations. The patient should ask the doctor any concerns regarding the procedure and report the medications you are taking. In the consultation the patient will receive recommendations to consider before carrying out the process of Six Pack.

Technique and Protocol

The technique is similar to liposuction. The difference lies in the type of cannula used. To create the Six Pack, once removed fat, a company specializing in the definition cannula is inserted. The cannula selectively removes fat and gives greater visibility to the abdominal muscles.

Recovery and Aftercare

After the intervention, the patient must follow to the letter all medical recommendations. Six Pack procedure typically have a shorter than traditional liposuction recovery, although this depends largely on each patient and the amount of fat removed. Medical recommendations are often similar to those for traditional liposuction. The patient will need to rest at least ten days, merely performing activities that require physical strength. Within ten days the patient should be able to resume their daily activities provided they respect medical advice. Monitor each patient will be performed to check the results of the intervention and the overall health of the patient.


In our clinic this procedure is performed by Dr. M.D. and Dr.M.D. who specialize in body contouring techniques, among other procedures. The number of patients satisfied with this procedure is really high for the quality of our technical Hi Definition.