What Is It?

Vaginoplasty is an intimate surgery for reconstruction of the female genital area. Over the years and especially after childbirth, the genital area of women may be altered or injury to the tissues surrounding the vagina. Therefore, vaginal reconstruction has perfected a series of procedures to correct the changes that women can experience intimate area.

Who Can Have This Procedure Done?

This procedure can be performed for women of any age who do not feel comfortable with their vaginal area. It is very effective with women who have been mothers and want to recover the youth of her vaginal area.

What Results Can I Expect From This Procedure?

This procedure provides excellent results. Vaginoplasty can correct vaginal prolapse, the decline in genital tissues, vaginal amplitude, incontinence eventual alteration in the shape and size of the labia and hymen rebuild tissue. Patients can expect from this procedure recovery of the original shape of your intimate area.

Consultation Process

During the consultation is the ideal place for the patient to tell the doctor what is expected of Vaginoplasty and what you want to correct in your genital area. The doctor will check the overall health status of the patient to ensure that indeed is a viable candidate for the procedure. The doctor will answer the query all questions you might have about the procedure the patient and explain the process.

Technique and Protocol

The protocol and the technique depends largely on each patient procedure to be performed. Each intervention is personalized because every woman is unique and their needs. If the patient needs an increase or reduction of their labia will take out a Labioplasty.

If the patient needs a vaginal amplitude reduction technique will, of course, different. This procedure improves the quality of sex, since smaller amplitude of the vagina, more friction during intercourse.

Women who have undergone vaginoplasty in our clinic say they are very satisfied and have experienced great improvement in their self-esteem and their relationships.

Recovery and Aftercare

The postoperative period also depends on the technique practiced in each intervention. Generally, we can say that each patient will receive a follow-up to check the success of the surgery. The first 48 hours require rest. Patients should be able to resume their daily within 10 days of surgery, approximately activities. Although sex should wait until after 4 weeks. Always follow the recommendations of our professional; they are there to help.


In our center Vaginoplasty is practiced by the plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. M.D. and its excellent professional team. This group of highly qualified professionals has a long list of satisfied patients and specializes in surgeries like this.