Vaser Hi Definition

What Is It?

Vaser Hi Definition is an advanced body shaping technique that removes fat selectively to sculpt a perfect silhouette. This technique is, arguably, the union between traditional liposuction and body sculpting procedure. Vaser Hi Definition technology uses ultrasound, like Vaser liposuction to dissolve adiposity from their cells. Once diluted fat, a cannula is inserted to remove localized fat in unwanted areas. The difference between this technique and other fat removal is that Vaser Hi Definition uses a special cannula for defining the body taking into account the underlying muscles.

Who Can Have This Procedure Done?

This procedure is ideal for people who have a good overall health and athletic appearance. It is the right treatment for people in good physical shape, which carry a healthy lifestyle and perform physical exercise, but fail to achieve muscle definition they desire.

What Results Can I Expect From This Procedure?

This procedure as its name suggests, "High Definition" excellent results in remodeling of the silhouette. Grease, selectively removed, respecting the anatomy and muscle groups, gives way to an athletic physique, muscular and well defined.

Consultation Process

The patient will be evaluated before the procedure to check whether it is a viable candidate and discuss their options and expectations. The patient should ask the doctor any concerns regarding the procedure and report the medications you are taking. In the consultation the patient will receive recommendations to consider before making Vaser Hi Definition.

Technique and Protocol

The technique used is similar to the Vaser Liposuction. With the help of ultrasound technology medical destroy fat cells, diluting. Once the fat is diluted, the incision where the special cannula is inserted Hi Definition is performed. This tube is specially prepared to selectively remove fat and give the patient the athletic and muscular look you want. It can be performed under local anesthesia and sedation or (more comfortable for the patient) general anesthesia.

Recovery and Aftercare

After the intervention, the patient must follow to the letter all medical recommendations. Vaser Hi Definition The procedure usually has a shorter recovery period although this depends largely on the number of areas that have been sculpted. Medical recommendations are often similar to those for traditional liposuction. The patient will need to rest at least ten days, merely performing activities that require physical strength. Within ten days the patient should be able to resume their daily activities provided they respect medical advice.


In our clinic this procedure is performed by Dr. M.D. and Dr.M.D. who specialize in body contouring techniques, among other procedures. The number of patients satisfied with this procedure is really high for the quality of our technical Hi Definition.