Vaser lipo

What is it?

Vaser lipo is a method of assisted liposuction ultrasound technology. It is a novel technique for removing localized fat. Localized fat deposits may sometimes rebellious. Therefore, in our clinic we offer effective procedures such as Vaser Lipo. This is a view similar to traditional liposuction technique that also uses ultrasound waves to the elimination of adiposity from own cells localized fat.

Who can practice the procedure?

This process is indicated for patients with localized fat deposits they want to remove. The ideal candidate for this procedure is that patient is in good general health and want to improve their appearance by eliminating localized fat. The Vaser Lipo is not a procedure used to treat obesity.

What results can I expect from the Vaser lipo?

You can expect this procedure a perfect silhouette. This technique removes fat and restores firmness abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, etc. This is one of the procedures that sculpt and mold the silhouette.

Consultation process

In the consultation the doctor will explain everything about Vaser Lipo and with the general conditions must take into account the patient before surgery the patient. In the consultation the patient should discuss with your doctor your expectations about the procedure and all questions you may have.

Technical and protocol

This procedure uses the ultrasonic waves emitted by cell to attack and dissolve fat. Once diluted the fat, the doctor extract with a fine cannula in a similar manner to that used traditional liposuction. This technique is very effective and accurate against fat but completely harmless to other body tissues. It is a very useful treatment to large localized fat deposits and given its precision, can be used in areas of difficult access.

Recovery after Vaser lipo

Recovery is similar to traditional liposuction. Discomfort such as inflammation or moderate pain, will gradually remitting. You should always follow medical recommendations. The patient will be advised during post-treatment follow-up and generally 10 days can resume daily activities.


In our clinic this procedure is carried out by the plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. M.D. certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a long list of satisfied patients.