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Raising eyebrows with tensioners threads in Miami

The tensioners threads or Russians thread is one of the techniques of plastic surgery that most are used at this time with the purpose of achieving a gazillion any part of the body. In the face, for example, is of great importance because it helps increase the feeling of youth. This is because the skin regains its elasticity and vitality in the outer appearance and greater youth from the reactivation of the production of collagen and elastin.
With raising eyebrows this aesthetic procedure has a special function, because the threads on polydioxanone -material compatible with the human body – are introduced with a needle guide, that will be removed once they are fixed the threads in the form of implants in the connective tissue.
Thus,in flaccid areas such as the corner of the eyebrows when the person is aging -confer a appearance of old age, of sadness and seriously – the russians thread strained mechanically the skin and go about creating a process of gradual tightening of the tissues that cover.

Raising eyebrows or browlift

There are no definitive methods so that the brow is lifted and they will be in the same position, as the effects of gravity and the stretching of the skin almost always lead to a return of the drop position. However, the procedure can be repeated as many times as you want the patient once the previous treatment ceased to have effect.
Normally the plastic surgeons “hiperrelevan” eyebrows, which means that if it is intended that these be lifted a centimetre, because they must be promoted up to two centimetres, as this is the part of the body is tending to a natural decline in the two weeks following up to be in the position of a centimeter.
Hence, the orientation of the cosmetic surgeon is that the patient not be scared with the eyebrow very high by this time, since the desired will emerge with the same effects as a result of gravity.

Facial beauty with plastic surgery

At the same time, it is normal that will arise in this stage of recovery some folds that are the product of the action of the threads and demonstration of the success of the process, because without this growth spurt of tissues not eyebrows would be. These folds also tend to disappear in about twenty days of recovery.
The use of local anesthesia makes it easier for the doctor handling area and that the patient does not suffer with the procedure. There are other types of threads tensioners in addition to the polydioxanone that provide other benefits. The silhouette, for example, that enable can be retensados in three months if needed.
In either case it is recommended that this technique should be done by a plastic surgeon, because a professional not qualified in it can lead to improper placement of the threads with the consequent impact on the face. Luckily in My Cosmetic Surgery, clinic number one in Miami and throughout south Florida, we have the best cosmetic surgeons for the welfare of the population of this city.


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