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Removal of Biopolymers Surgery

What are biopolymers?

Biopolymers are non-absorbable substances of liquid silicone, sometimes mixed with other components created for industrial use.

These substances have been used to give volume to the human body for aesthetic purposes.

Being synthetic substances, not biocompatible, on many occasions, the body rejects and encapsulates them producing granulomas or bulges that produce severe inflammatory and immunological reactions.

This can put the patient’s life at risk. Biopolymers can only be extracted through surgery, they were removed from the European and North American market more than 10 years ago.

They are still being applied in Latin America and Asia clandestinely because people don’t know the danger they represent.

 Removal of Biopolymers Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

 Removal of Biopolymers Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Removal of Biopolymers

The Biopolymer extraction surgery depends on several factors such as the amount of substance applied, the area in which they are located, the type of material implanted, the reaction the body has produced, and between others, the time that has elapsed since its application.

The use of modern equipment to perform this type of practice and the surgeon’s experience make the procedure successful.

What results can I expect?

By removing the compromised tissue and the invasive substances, the patient will no longer have inflammation or pain in the area.

Deformities and scars may remain, depending on the case and depending on the site and the amount of substance removed.

It can be reshaped without the need for a second intervention by lipo injection from the same patient’s fat in the place that the doctor considers necessary to give an aesthetic shape to the site of the intervention.

Removal of Biopolymers| Technique, and protocol

Biopolymer extraction is carried out through cosmetic surgery in which part of the surrounding healthy tissue is also extracted. Most of the time the surgeon manages to extract almost all of the compounds, but in others, it is impossible without causing deformations in the tissues.

In certain cases, the doctor can assess the use of the laser or ultrasound. In this case, the surgeon will make incisions through which he will introduce microcannulas that will melt the compounds attached to the fat and tissues. With other microcannulas, the biopolymers will be aspirated until they are extracted.

Despite the comfort of this technique, it is necessary to indicate that it cannot always be used, since sometimes the heat can cause the biopolymers to move to another area of the body, so the doctor will have to study if it is convenient or not. The important thing in this type of surgery is the extraction of the largest amount of filler material.

Some materials become hard which makes the success of the procedure more complicated, what is sought is to improve the quality of the compromised tissues and give the areas where these substances have been applied a better aesthetic.

Removal of Biopolymers | Recovery, and care

The patient should maintain a drain for at least 12 days after treatment and use a sash to press on the affected area. After the surgery, you should rest for at least one week and the patient can return to their daily activities after three weeks of the procedure.

It is very important that the patient avoid exposure to the sun, even more, if the procedure is performed on the face or in exposed places.
The treatment leaves small scars where the cannula has penetrated; If so, it does not need sutures.

In the case of direct intervention, the surgeon will try to make the cuts in places where the scar is less visible. After this procedure, the patient does not need massages and pain can be treated with analgesics. It is very important that you follow all the surgeon’s recommendations.

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