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Russian Waves

What are the Russian Waves?

Electrostimulation with Russian Waves is a treatment that uses muscle contractions to tone and give muscular firmness, also favoring the circulatory system. It is a non-invasive technique, which we use to combat sagging and reduce cellulite. It also helps to model the body contour.

Who can have this procedure?

This procedure does not entail risks for the patient and is a non-invasive treatment, so it can be performed on all those who wish to tone muscle mass, shape their figure, eliminate muscle sagging and firm the skin. It is indicated for postpartum recovery and after cosmetic surgery.

Russian Waves My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Russian Waves My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect?

Russian Waves have the ability to reach deep muscles and make them work with great intensity and low sensation. It acts simultaneously at the muscular level with firming action of adipose tissue, degrading stored fat and causing the reduction of body contour, and on the circulatory system, helping lymphatic drainage.

This procedure does not require recovery time, it improves body elasticity, It provides extra oxygen, eliminates toxins and wastes, which makes cellulite improve its appearance and tends to disappear. Lasting and effective results; The patient will notice a substantial change in approximately five sessions.

Russian waves | Recovery and care

The patient should not follow any special care after the Russian wave sessions. Russian waves are a very safe procedure, which does not carry health risks or produce side effects. In some patients, temporary reddening of the skin or discomfort in the application areas may occur in the days after treatment.

Russian waves | Technique and protocol

It works by producing muscle contractions in the area in which they are applied, thus generating a muscular training effect (called passive physical activity since the muscle works without the cardio part) so that the muscle fibers acquire strength and endurance and the reserves are also burned of localized fat.

The treatment should be done 1 to 3 times per week for the muscle to achieve proper relaxation. Each session will last 15 to 30 minutes. The areas of the body that can be treated with electrodes are: the abdomen, the flanks (waist), the
arms, the legs, and the buttocks.

Russian Waves My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

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Russian Waves Performed by
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