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Scars Review Surgery

What is Scars Review Surgery?

C-section scars, keloids, or surgical intervention marks, are traces of passages through the operating room or accidents that mark our body forever. Revision of scars is the procedure by which these alterations in the skin are corrected, improving, or reducing their appearance.

His technique includes the realization of another scar, but with methods that will make it easier and less visible. The healing process of the new scar will go through different stays depending on the area in which the lesion is located, its size, the patient’s age and skin color, as well as hereditary factors.

Who can have the procedure?

Revision of scars can be performed on people of any age and is a good option for those who are dissatisfied due to the appearance of a scar. In order to be a candidate for this procedure, it is necessary to be healthy, not to smoke, not to have acne inactive state or other skin diseases in the area to be treated and to have realistic expectations regarding surgery.

Scars Review Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Scars Review Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from the procedure?

While going for Revision of scars you can expect the following from the procedure:

  • Scar revision surgery removes extra scar tissue but does not completely eliminate the scar.
  • The degree to which it improves will depend largely on the area in which it is located and its size.
  • It also depends  on the person’s age, on the skin type and color, as well as on hereditary factors that can affect the skins natural healing process .
  • Surgically correcting a scar requires going through all phases of scar maturation, like any other wound.
  • This process cannot be accelerated.
  • Scar correction acts on a tissue that has already been previously attacked.
  • Therefore, it is considered that the final result of surgically revising a scar cannot be evaluated before a minimum of twelve months have elapsed from the date of the intervention.

Scars Review | Consultation Process

The success of Scar Review depends largely on the doctor-patient communication. The consultation is where they should discuss the surgery, their expectations and the desired result.

The patient should inform their doctor about possible conditions, allergies, medications they are taking, harmful habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs), etc.

so that Scar review could be done considering all the perspectives.

During consultation, he will evaluate the patient’s health status. risk factors, examine the scar thoroughly and then decide on the treatment or combination of treatments to be used.

Scars Review | Recovery and postoperative care

For the review of a keloid, a pressure or elastic bandage is placed over the area, preventing its reappearance. For other types of scar revision, a soft dressing is applied. The patient should keep these dressings dry and should not remove or change the bandages without the surgeon’s consent.

In order to return to daily activities and work depends on the degree and location of the surgery. Most people can resume normal activities shortly after the operation. Doctors recommend avoiding activities that stretch and can dilate the new scar, as well as the use of sunscreen to avoid an unwanted color change.

During the first months of the postoperative period, the evolution of the scar should be monitored in order to appreciate any abnormalities in healing, such as the formation of keloids or hypertrophy (bulging or widening) of the scar.

If this happens, the patient should go to the doctor’s office so that the surgeon can indicate the appropriate treatment in order to try to stop the hypertrophy process and flatten the scar again.

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Scars Review | Technique and protocol

Plastic surgery has a large technical arsenal to address a scar. The technique chosen will depend on the type of scar to be corrected, the area of the body where it is located and the extent of the injury, among other factors.

The scar revision is a slow and meticulous process, which requires a careful realization to be able to have the maximum guarantees that the scar visibility will be as low as possible. This requires a prolonged surgical time.

Scars Review Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Depending on the magnitude of the surgery, the revision of scars can be done while you are awake (local anesthesia), asleep (sedated) or asleep (general anesthesia).

When the scars are located below the waist, it can also be used as an alternative for epidural anesthesia (from the waist down).

Scars Review SURGERY | Incision methods

The technique can involve a series of small cuts (incisions) on both sides of the scar following the natural folds of the skin which makes the scar look thinner and less noticeable.

Another way to treat a scar is skin grafts, which involves taking a thin layer of skin from another part of the body and placing it on the injured area.

This technique is used when a considerable amount of skin has been lost in the original lesion, when a thin scar has not healed or when the main concern is to improve function rather than appearance.


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