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Stretch Mark Camouflage

What is stretch mark camouflage?

This is a treatment that uses the tattoo technique as a basis to cover up stretch marks, those white lines that are observed through the skin.

Stretch marks affect all ages; they usually arise from a significant loss of weight, due to hormonal changes or pregnancy, although sometimes they arise from the natural process of growth.

The Camouflage of stretch marks is characterized by covering them up permanently because once the whitish color of them is tattooed it disappears.

Who can perform stretch mark camouflage?

Any patient over or under 18 years of age, and in the case that they are minors, with the prior authorization of their tutors, who have white streaks and who wish to eradicate this factor that affects the self-esteem of many people.

Stretch Mark Camouflage My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Stretch Mark Camouflage My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from stretch mark camouflage?

Stretch Camouflage is a simple, not painful technique.

The results depend to a large extent on the previous evaluation made by the specialist, as the stretch marks tattoo can only be performed when they have whitish color.

It is also essential that the patient has not undergone tanning sessions recently because the stretch marks will not be covered With the real color of your skin.

After undergoing the treatment and after the required time has elapsed, the patient will be able to observe that the skin in the treated areas looks uniform in color so that the appropriate ink tone for the patient’s skin is previously sought.

Stretch mark camouflage | Consultation process

The consultation process to undergo stretch mark camouflage is very simple.

The specialist must ensure that the patient is in good health and that the stretch mark is white.

It will also determine if the skin tone is natural or if it has tanned, which is why it would be necessary to wait for the skin to regain its natural color.

If the treatment can be performed, the color of the specific ink will be analyzed so that its stretch marks are pigmented.

Stretch mark camouflage | Recovery and care

The care after each session is the same as when a tattoo is performed: do not let the sun directly affect the treated area, maintain cleanliness, and care in order to avoid infections. In addition, the Healing Ointment Aquaphor will be used 5 days after the treatment, a repairing ointment that accelerates the regeneration of the skin, helping it to heal faster.

Stretch Mark Camouflage My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Stretch mark camouflage | Technique and protocol

Stretch marks frequently appear in areas such as the breasts, thighs, abdomen, back, and buttocks. To tattoo them, needles with very little millimeters are used through which the ink will be injected with the natural pigment of the patient’s skin. The stretch mark will react becoming reddish while it becomes inflamed, but it will take on its permanent color over the days.

The procedure can be performed in a single session that lasts approximately 1 to 3 hours depending on the patient’s time availability, but it is advisable to do it in a single appointment since in a period of 50 days the patient must return for a touch-up and It is necessary to see if the stretch marks have pigmented evenly.

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