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In My Cosmetic Surgery we are pleased to inform our patients of multiple existing treatments for improving the health of the skin. This part of the body is one of the most that demonstrates the symptoms of the passage of time and is therefore very necessary the care for and maintenance of aesthetic beauty. Factors like the sun are of great impact on the formation of free radicals that contribute to the aging, and other such as the sea and the chlorine that lead to the skin  losing its characteristic.humidity. To fight these effects there are traditional substances that are very positive as the vitamins A, B, C, E, K in its different variants and minerals such as selenium, zinc, iron, manganese and sulfur treatment. They are also supplemented with fats, and proteins.

Sulfur treatment, what sulfur is?

For example, sulfur is one of the alternative methods that traditional has used more man for his facial improvement. This mineral is of non-metallic origin and is present in the majority of organic products. The case of the cosmetic treatments is one of their higher profits, provided that it is used in the quantities listed. Once sulfure treatment is applied with restraint in the skin the results of freshness and health can be very impressive.There are the ointments of sulfur, which are used at night and are washed of the face in the morning. With these helps to control the formation of fat in the skin, to exfoliate the pores and prevent black spots.

Sulfur treatment

For its part, the sulfur soap for purifying the skin of the face, the entrometer its essence in the deepest parts of the skin. As well, are evident the effects of this soap from the functions anti bacterial and astringent of the sulfur treatment. Despite that we wash our face, cannot be separated from everything and are deposited in the skin debris from the environment and the dead cells. However, the action of the deep sulfur soap helps to make these being eliminated.

The soaps are made up of around a 10 percent sulfur. This figure is low, because it might lead to a reseques of the skin in case that might be the higher this percentage. Protect yourself from the sun and moisturizing is consistently very necessary then, while you are doing a sulfur treatment. Skin care is essential for the maintenance of aesthetic beauty and plastic surgery we have many other techniques in addition to its welfare. However you can complement this sulfur treatment with other cosmetic procedures like ultrasound treatments or peelings for a very complet results. Visit us in My Cosmetic Surgery, we have the Dream Machine to improve you appearance, or call us at (305) 264-9636 or sing it to remember.

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