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Surgical Combo

What is the Surgical Combo?

Many patients need two or more cosmetic procedures to achieve the aesthetic goals and body improvements they wish, and in some cases, our specialists can perform them in a single intervention.

Experts say that undergoing multiple plastic surgeries at the same time, among other benefits minimizes the number of exposures to anesthesia and reduces recovery time.

In My Cosmetic Surgery, the surgical Combo refers to the combination of several procedures at the same time, including surgeries such as Liposuction with fat transfer, plus Breast Augmentation or Lift, depending on what the patient requires, and Tummy Tuck.

When the patient requires it, and the specialist decides that the patient is a good candidate, the surgical Combo is performed to deliver the desired results to the patient in a faster and more effective way.

Surgical Combo My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Surgical Combo My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Who are the ideal candidates for the Surgical Combo?

The ideal candidates for the Surgical Combo are those people who want to recover or improve their figure.

And who, after a personalized evaluation, are eligible to perform the combination of procedures.

Patients must be 21 years of age or older and have realistic expectations for cosmetic surgery.

They must be in good general health and comply with the recommendations made by the specialist.

What results can I expect from the Surgical Combo?

The objective of the Surgical Combo is to improve the appearance of the body giving it a more youthful shape. Also, it increases a person’s self-esteem and self-perception.

The Surgical Combo is specific to each patient and is tailored to her or his wishes and the specific needs of the body. This will lead to the best results, which patients must preserve by doing physical activities and maintaining a healthy diet.

Surgical combo | Consultation process

During the consultation process, the surgeon will explain the different surgical techniques that will be used to achieve the desired results. The patient must present their expectations sincerely and honestly, so that the surgeon shows her or him the alternatives available for each aesthetic problem, with the risks and limitations of each one.

The surgeon will also explain what type of anesthesia will be used.

The doctor should verify that the patient is familiar with the whole process and understands all the recommendations before the procedure. Some of these recommendations are usually:

● No smoking, at least one month before (and one month after surgery)
● Do not take vitamin supplements or energy drinks.
● Do not take blood-thinning medications.
● Do not take birth control pills or injections.

In addition to these medical recommendations, there are other tips such as preparing the resting place in advance, having the help of a family member, and a quiet place so that the patient can rest properly.

Surgical combo | Technique and protocol

The surgical Combo is the combination of Liposuction with fat transfer, Breast Augmentation, or Lift, depending on what the patient requires, and Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck.

The Brazilian Butt Lift begins with liposuction.

The doctor will make incisions in the areas chosen to insert the cannula, through which the fat will be extracted.

Once obtained, the fat will go through the optimization process until it is ready to be redistributed to the glutes.

To this end, the surgeon will make incisions to introduce the optimized fat, also with the help of a cannula, while shaping the buttocks to achieve the desired result.

The Fat Transfer is a minimal access procedure so it does not leave significant scars, only the small incisions necessary for the introduction of the cannula, which will not be visible after a few days.

In the case of the breasts, the surgery focuses on improving and restoring the visual and tactile appearance.

A lift can be performed if you want to remove excess skin and lift the profile, or a breast augmentation if you want to recover the lost volume.

As for the abdominal area, to return a smooth and flat stomach, restore the strength and definition of the abdominal muscles, and eliminate excess skin and fat, an Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is recommended.

In an Abdominoplasty, the degree of correction necessary will determine the shape and length of the incision.

Through it, weakened abdominal muscles are corrected and sutured, and excess fat and skin are removed.

Sometimes an incision around the navel may be necessary to remove excess skin on the upper abdomen.

Surgical combo | Incision Methods

In liposuction with fat transfer, no major incisions are made because liposuction only requires the insertion of a cannula, and fat transfer is done by injection through an even finer and more flexible cannula. Even some surgeons choose not to suture the small openings that in most cases close on their own after a few days.

In Breast Augmentation, minimally invasive incision techniques are used as excellent results are achieved with smaller cuts. Regarding the location of the incisions, it will be done by mutual agreement between the surgeon and the patient.

For its part, in the procedure of Breast Lift, the location and magnitude of the incisions will depend on the conditions in which the breasts are found and the effect that you want to achieve.

Regarding the Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, the incision is placed in the lower abdomen, following the bikini line, so that it is discreetly hidden when wearing underwear and bathing suits.

In addition, excess skin and fat are removed and if the shape of the navel has been altered, it is surgically corrected. Scars tend to disappear over time.

Surgical combo | Recovery and postoperative care

The surgical Combo is an intense procedure, due to the simultaneous performance of several cosmetic surgeries and the use of general anesthesia. The combination of these procedures in the same intervention requires a more careful recovery but ensures effective results in less time.

Always following the doctor’s recommendations is very important to ensure the success of the intervention. Specialists establish an average of six weeks of rest to resume a healthy balance. The use of anticoagulant medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen is not recommended during the postoperative period.

  As in other cosmetic surgical procedures, a compression device is applied to the worked areas. The use of therapeutic massages is also recommended, which can help contour the body shape and eliminate residual liquids in the most natural way possible.

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