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It is quite common to see women in the condition of the inverted nipple -it is estimated that about 10 percent of these-. Although in reality it is a condition not harmful to health, to mothers who breastfeed may find it somewhat uncomfortable, and above all, they can have an impact on self-esteem due to the cosmetic problems that created from the generalized standards of female beauty.

Inverted Nipple

The formation of the inverted nipple is due to the fact that the ducts of the interior of the breast have a length that is shorter than normal, by what it entails to the nipples retract. Some studies located this condition within a causality congenital, other at puberty, while others see one of their causes in the same lactation when deforms the scar tissue. To classify this type of deformation there are three degrees, being the third the most acute, which can lead to health problems and infections, as well as difficulty of breast to the baby. Any of the three cases can be treated by the plastic surgeons of My Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, number one in Miami and throughout south Florida, thanks to high standards of professional quality and medical technology.

It is very important that the patient has very well defined their aspirations with this operation, as in the consultation the surgeon aesthetic must have all the required information to determine the proper technique to apply. This is very necessary, for example, to know whether a woman wants to or not to breastfeed after the surgery. The most harmless techniques seek to preserve the integrity of the lactiferous ducts which in turn deflect the possibility of future breastfeeding but these are the more levels of reverse possess.

Performing Surgery

In case of performing this surgery only – it is very frequent that is linked to other such as enlargement of the breasts, their lifting or a reduction – applies local anesthesia with sedation, staying up the madam, but without feeling pain. Between one and two hours and duration of the procedure starts with a small incision at the base of the nipple, which causes a scar imperceptible.
In the case of types 1 and 2 are typically used less aggressive techniques that cut down the central fibrous tracts, but already in the grade 3 the solution is to cut the milk ducts, lift the tissue of the nipple and areola, and through external fixation sutures will be the gradual process of healing. If the woman does not have intentions of breastfeed in the future, the space can be filled with own tissue, which will help to avoid that the healing process will lead to retraction of the nipple.
There are devices such as the Niplette that help to correct inverted nipples through suction, which is parceled these in about two months. However, this type of procedures tend to be definitive, what our experts recommend as the best option the surgery, quite simple and with great aesthetic results and durability.

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