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Teeth Whitening

What is tooth whitening?

There are several forms of teeth whitening, most are based on treating the teeth with an agent that may or may not be a bleach to which a source of blue light is added to accelerate the reaction. Currently, one of the most used results from the combination of hydrogen peroxide with LED light since it has been proven that this method is one of the least aggressive for the patient’s teeth.

Who can have teeth whitening?

Anyone can be a candidate for this procedure except those who have dental crowns and dental ceramic treatments. There are patients who have reconstructions in anterior teeth, in these cases the specialist will decide whether or not he is a candidate from a previous evaluation.

Teeth Whitening My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Teeth Whitening My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from teeth whitening?

The results of this treatment are immediate and are evidenced in the first session. It is necessary that the patients arrive at the teeth whitening treatment with a previous cleaning so that the product penetrates more effectively and the results are greater.

Teeth whitening | Technique and protocol

The first step is to identify the enamel tone of the patient’s tooth from a whitening scale, then the separator is placed to expand the capacity of the patient’s mouth.

Once the necessary space has been prepared, the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied and the LED light lamp is placed as close as possible to the patient’s denture for approximately 40 minutes. Finally, the gel is removed from the denture and gum of vitamin E and Aloe is applied to gum care, to hydrate it.

Teeth whitening | Recovery and care

Once the treatment has been carried out, the patient should avoid ingesting drinks and food with dyes (coffee, red wine, chocolate, tea, red sauce) during the first 48 hours, in addition to using white paste for brushing.


Teeth Whitening My Cosmetic Surgery Miami


Teeth Whitening Performed by
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