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What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure to improve the shape and smoothness of the legs. Aging, pregnancy, or a considerable loss of weight can cause the skin around that area of the body to be sagging and in poor condition.

The thighs are very prone to sagging and the accumulation of localized fat.

So many people opt for a lift that improves the appearance and contour of their thighs.

Who can perform the thigh lift?

This procedure is recommended for people who have sagging skin and fat deposits on their thighs.
An ideal patient is a person with good general health who wants to correct the appearance of his thighs by lifting.

Thigh Lift Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Thigh Lift Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

What results can I expect from a thigh lift?

A thigh lift will help improve the appearance and self-esteem of the patient. By removing excess skin and tissue, its appearance will look smoother and more defined.

In order to achieve a more symmetrical effect, this procedure can sometimes be combined with other surgeries, such as  Liposculpture or Liposuction, so your silhouette will be firm and rejuvenated.

Thigh lift | Consultation process

The consultation is the ideal place for doctors and patients to talk about the characteristics and possibilities of the procedure.

The doctor will make a personalized evaluation of each patient and advise on the most appropriate technique in each case.

It is important that the patient asks the doctor all his doubts about the intervention and, also, that he follows the recommendations prior to thigh surgery.

Thigh lift | Technique and protocol

In the thigh lift, you can reduce the inner side of the thighs, the outer face, the front part of the thighs, and the upper part of the legs just below the buttocks.

In each case, the surgeon will make the relevant incision.

He will pull the skin both in the upper and medial direction to give more smoothness to the distended skin and elevate the sagging tissue.

Excess skin is removed and also fat by liposuction.

This is a surgery that can be performed under general anesthesia or with local anesthesia plus sedation.

Thigh Lift Surgery My Cosmetic Surgery Miami

Thigh lift | Incision methods

The incision in the thigh lift can only be made on the inner side of the thigh near the groin.

It may be necessary to take it to the crease formed by the drop of the buttock.

Sometimes when it is necessary to correct the upper leg area, just below the buttock, the incision can be circulated.

The number of incisions will be proportional to the amount of excess skin and will be made so that they are poorly visible.

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Thigh lift | Recovery and postoperative care

Recovery will depend largely on the characteristics of each patient, although some general lines can be established.

The medical staff will follow up to check the evolution of the patient and the success of the thigh surgery. In case the patient carries drains, these will be removed when the medical staff indicates.

The discomfort and possible inflammation will gradually disappear.

It is recommended to use compression bandages to help the recovery and retraction of the skin.

Generally, patients can resume their daily activities two weeks after surgery. The patient must follow medical recommendations at all times.

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