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Stretch marks treatment in Miami

One of the ailments that women suffer is stretch marks. Once they appear in the female body in areas such as the legs, hips, breasts and buttocks, you lose the image of a skin fresh and neat. It must be kept in mind that these arise from causes such as age, weight changes or pregnancy and arise due to the collagen fibers break.

They are characterized as having two important stages: the red streaks, which are those which have arisen recently time and have that color the inflammation in the area; and white splines, which arise when the red ones are not treated, and are difficult to treat because they are losing coloring to occur the adaptation of the skin to this phenomenon. Men also tend to appear, which in areas such as shoulders, thighs and back.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are in fact skin atrophy, which are the result of breakage or poor quality of the fibers of the skin. The more likely their appearance body areas are the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, back and breasts. In appearance can be colored purple or pink (indicating that there is still blood flow) or whitish (indicating that no blood flow).

The appearance of stretch marks is more likely in stages where the skin is subjected to stretching, testing its elasticity, due to stretching of the middle and inner layers of the skin. Pregnancy, puberty and loss or gain of weight usually are the most common causes for the appearance of these “scars“. Some specialists consider the possibility that hormonal disorders also are a cause for this skin atrophy.

Searching a solution for stretch marks

In the course of time have been put into practice alternative treatments which in a certain way have alleviated the problem. Among them are the application of Mosqueta Rose and almond oil, horse tail with alcohol at 40 degrees,carrot paste, avocado cream with aloe vera, avocado with lemon, among others. Equally, it can be put into practice for a better treatment, the chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. All of them give results that are perhaps not the most desired by patients who suffer from this condition.

However, yet medical science has not identified a process of total effectiveness for the elimination of the stretch marks, by what the majority of the clinics of plastic surgery still searching for the “key” to this problem. In the case of the red streaks is very helpful is retinoic acid, but this is not very useful for attacking white stretch marks.Other techniques are of much use hyaluronic acid and the laser.

On the latter, in the United States the FDA has approved the infrared laser fractional non-ablative 1540 with results fairly close to the aspirations of doctors and patients. This is very effective because meddles microrrayos energy that activate the collagen and elastin. Almost always the person has to attend multiple sessions of laser, which have a distance between one and the other about two months. Thus, the skin stays free and does not suffer from ablative effects. It could be the case any itching or hematoma, which disappear in a short time. In the recovery it is recommended that the patient avoid the sun and that is lightly moisturizing creams.

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