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Varicose veins on people’s legs or ‘varices’ are characterized as red or blue grooves that aesthetically damage women’s extremities after a certain age. Varicose veins are many times surrounded by narrow, red capillaries known as spider veins that result in even further detriment to the surface image of one’s skin and are often times associated with circulatory problems and/or being overweight. At My Cosmetic Surgery, we offer top notch treatment for dealing with varicose veins in Miami.

When the valves that regulate the circulation of the blood in the legs undergo operational malfunctions, the blood does not circulate and begins to accumulate in the veins. These veins become swollen, twist, dilate under the skin, and give way to the appearance of varicose veins.

The problems associated with this condition are generally aesthetic, in some cases, varicose veins may lead to more serious complications. Varicose veins commonly appear in the lower legs region, but they may appear in other parts of the body. This condition is typically more pervasive in women.

People suffer from varicose veins for a variety of reasons, ranging from being born with defective valves and/or having family members that have suffered from them to being obese or remaining several hours in a fixed position. In the case of females, hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause are aggravating causes for the appearance of varicose veins.

Varicose veins

Veins are blood vessels that are in charge of transporting blood from the heart to the rest of the body. This vital function is accomplished against the force of gravity, mainly through the help of the muscular contractions that tighten the veins and push the blood through the valves to reach its destination.

When a vein is debilitated and its valve does not work correctly, it is incapable of returning the blood which is why a buildup of fluid occurs. Consequently, the vein dilates and visibly increases in size which makes it take the form of a varix (varicose vein). The blood clots happen as a result of the obstruction of the veins, which is why the blood remains accumulated and is transported slowly.

Factors that cause the appearance of varicose veins

Among the factors that can increase the possibilities of developing varicose veins is the persistence of obesity. The excess weight puts added pressure on the veins, allowing for the formation of varices.

Additionally, a lack of exercise may also lead to varices because while it is detrimental to be standing up, being seated during long periods of time causes the valves of the veins to work more to pump blood towards the heart.

While age is not one of the most critical factors to consider, the body presents aging signals in which the elasticity of the veins can fail and the regulators may be debilitated as this allows the fluidity of the blood flowing towards the heart to fall substantially. The blood is accumulated in the veins as they dilate until they become varicose veins.

The process of pregnancy in a woman increases the capacity of blood in the body which adds an increased load on the veins and increases the levels of progesterone causing the walls of the blood vessels to smoothen. As the pregnancy advances, the uterus grows and presses against the vena cava inferior and also increases the pressure on the veins of the legs. Normally, the varices formed during pregnancy are developed largely within the first three months but are not given adequate medical attention.

Solutions for varicose veins in Miami

The varices or varicose veins progressively worsen and as these deteriorations advance, treatments of diverse intensity are applied with the goals ranging from preventing their development to attempting to revert their manifestation.

The majority of varicose veins can be avoided, but in order to achieve this, it is imperative to take certain steps towards diminishing the probability that they will appear. Among these are to avoid being overweight, establish regular exercises, avoid flat shoes/high heels and tight clothes, steer clear of remaining in a fixed position for long periods of time, lift the legs when seated, massage the legs daily, and apply creams for varices.

Although these measures may help to prevent varicose veins for some individuals, it is possible that these steps may only delay the appearance of them for those who are more inclined to this condition.

When an individual already suffers from varicose veins, it is primordial to remedy the symptoms: pain or annoyances in the legs, inflammation, muscular burning, or thickening of the veins. It is recommended to rest with the legs raised, use special elastic stockings, exercise, suspend the use of heels, and avoid standing up for long periods of time.

The following step is to implement natural remedies in order to obtain a significant improvement in the condition of the varicose veins. Massages with essential oils are highly effective, especially when done with open hands and with strokes from the ankles to the knees. It is optimal to use liquefied Aloe Vera with apple vinegar, a mixture that stimulates blood circulation.

The infusion of the cortex of Horse Chestnut is another remedy that can be made at home and is very beneficial. Also, the Horsetail plant serves to deal with the retention liquids and has anti-inflammatory properties. This plant may be taken or applied like dressings. These remedies can be combined with physical therapies, hydrotherapies, and other similar activities.

Once the condition is in an advanced state, stronger treatments may be implemented like laser therapy which eliminates the varicose veins by means of strong unloadings of light. At present, diverse types of lasers exist that can be used for treatments of varicose veins. In these laser treatments, the doctor inserts a small fiber in a varicose vein through a catheter. The fiber sends an energy laser that destroys the damaged portion of the vein. The vein is closed and with time the body absorbs the vein.

Another treatment for varicose veins in Miami is ablation, which applies heat to seal and destroy the vein. The ablation includes the insertion of a fine and flexible tube, called a catheter, into a varicose vein. The end of the catheter warms up the walls of the varicose vein and destroys the venous weave. Once destroyed, the vein can no longer transport blood and is consequently absorbed by the organism.

Additionally, sclerotherapy is very effective against varicose veins. It consists of injections of saline solution or another chemical solution into the vein so that it becomes hardened and disappears.

When concerning surgical options, a microphlebectomy is a prime candidate for removing varicose veins. During this procedure, small incisions are made on the leg near the damaged vein in order to extract it. It is then critical to use a conduit, which acts as a blood vessel, to go around the obstructed vein and ensure that the blood flow is kept intact. An angioplasty is used to widen narrow/closed vessels and maintain the blood vessels’ sanguineous flow, while a small, metallic tube known as a ‘stent’ is placed within the vein to prevent it from becoming narrow again.




Sclerotherapy for varicose veins in Miami

Although several procedures exist to treat the varicose veins in Miami, from natural remedies and medicines to surgeries, several specialists agree that sclerotherapy is the best option for varices. This is a technique that we use with great precision and effectiveness in our clinic, My Cosmetic Surgery. Sclerotherapy is the most frequent treatment for spider and varicose veins. This procedure consists of the injection of a saline or chemical solution in the varicose vein. This hardens the vein and heals the weave so that it does not fill with more blood.

The blood that normally returned to the heart through those veins, returns to the heart by other veins. The veins that received the injection with time are dried and disappeared. The cicatricial weave is absorbed by the body. This prevents that the flow of blood through the affected vein and can eliminate the swelling, swelling effectively, the inconvenience and the bleaching, that can be caused by small varicose veins. The treatment of sclerotherapy to eliminate or to reduce the size of the varicose veins in hard Miami around thirty minutes. The procedure practically does not bring about pain to the patient and it does not require anesthesia. An injection is administered generally by inch with multiple injections by session.

The number of required sessions varies based on the characteristics and needs of each patient. From the first sessions the patients notice would improve it in the appearance and the significant reduction of the pain legs. The escleroterapia is a minimally invasive procedure that is realised by far success in My Cosmetic Surgery. Immediately after the treatment the patients can return to their normal activities. Recovery and taken care of after the treatment for varicose veins the sclerotherapy procedure to eliminate the varices does not take well-taken care of ends but like any precise aesthetic technique of precautions.



It is recommended not to realise extreme physical exercise during the first days after the application of the treatment. The application of some is advisable bandage once finished the procedure, or the use of compression stockings. During 2 weeks after the treatment to eradicate the varicose veins, long time avoids to remain unemployed. It also avoids to raise heavy objects. It maintains his raised legs when it is seated or it laid down. When it is seated, it moves his feet of back forwards and in circles maintaining his blood in movement. It uses bandages or elastic stockings during the time that indicates its doctor to him. His doctor could recommend to him that he uses compression stockings after the treatment. During two or three days after the treatment, to avoid the strong exercise, to take the sun, long flights in airplane, a hot bath or sauna. The patient must disclose all medicines he or she may be taking, including medicines with and without herbales prescription, vitamins and products.

Although there are several methods for treating varicose veins in Miami , from natural remedies and drugs to surgeries , several experts agree that sclerotherapy is the best option for varicose veins. This is the technique we use with  great effect in our clinic, My Cosmetic Surgery .


Sclerotherapy is the most common treatment  for spider veins and varicose veins . This procedure involves injection of a saline or chemical solution into the varicose vein, which hardens and heals the tissue to not fill with blood. Blood normally returned to the heart through those veins, returns to the heart through other veins. The veins that received the injection eventually dry up and disappear. Scar tissue is absorbed by the body.

This prevents blood flow through the affected vein and can effectively eliminate swelling, discomfort and discoloration that can be caused by small varicose veins or spider veins.

Sclerotherapy treatment to eliminate or reduce the size of the varicose veins in Miami takes about thirty minutes. The procedure virtually painless to the patient and requires no anesthesia. An injection is usually given by inch with multiple injections per session.

The number of sessions required varies depending on the characteristics and needs of each patient. From the first sessions patients notice the improve in appearance and significant reduction of leg pain.

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure performed with great success in My Cosmetic Surgery. Immediately after treatment patients can return to normal activities.

Recovery and care after treatment for varicose veins

The sclerotherapy procedure to remove varicose veins doesn’t require  extreme care as any aesthetic technique requires precautions. It is recommended not to perform extreme physical exercise during the first days after treatment application. It is convenient to apply bandages after the procedure, or the use of compression stockings completed.

During 2 weeks after treatment to eradicate varicose veins, avoid standing up for long periods of time. Also avoid heavy lifting. Keep your legs raised when sitting or lying down. When seated, move your legs back and forth and in circles to keep your blood moving. Use bandages or elastic stockings for as long as directed by your doctor.

Your doctor may recommend that you wear compression stockings after treatment. For two or three days after treatment, avoid heavy exercise, sunbathing, long plane flights, a hot bath or sauna. You should inform your doctor about all medications you are taking, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins and herbal products.


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