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In My Cosmetic Surgery ,clinic number one in cosmetic surgeries in Miami and throughout the south Florida, we give ourselves to the task of providing our patients with the information necessary to ensure that they are abreast of the latest scientific achievements in the field and at the same time can choose the appropriate procedure for your physical health and aesthetics. One of them is the use of stem cells.

Stem Cells

 Many years have passed the plastic surgeons using fat grafts for one’s own body to achieve cosmetic treatments, starting at the evolution of technologies another process has joined in this, with excellent results doctors ,stem cells , which are based on the principle of regeneration . This is still not a widespread technical due to us contradictions in the scientific study

Mention is positive that the tissues of the body are formed from the stem cells.As well, before any injury, fall to operate them to heal cellular vessel damage. This can relocate to old age, which can be arrested in specific parts of the body such as the skin.

Cosmetic Surgeons

It is taking these guarantees that many cosmetic surgeons put in practice the stretching procedures such as face lift. The technique is to extract the fat from adipose fat patient areas, particularly the abdomen. This concentrated obtained is injected directly into the face of the patient, in the specific area to bring ,what makes the regeneration of tissue , greater ” ,consistency to the skin, among other positive roles. Them is noteworthy for a prolonged period of up to nearly two years
This type of procedure is performed with local anesthesia, with small incisions just painful.It is one of the alternatives to surgery for a facelift, which generally require general anesthesia. Please note that for the surgery occurs a court and then stretches the skin, while using stem cells is injected to fill the skin through the cellular regeneration.
Thus, lines of expressions that have lost ,the cheekbones and sunken cheeks can be activated and to regain his youthful . Depending on the size of the process, this may take up to five hours. The majority of the patients are very happy with this, because it does not give pain,avoids the general anesthesia and gives quick results. From the point of view of our M. D Rogelio Iglesias this platelet, known as plasma, which has similar functions and all a scientific endorsement.
Another technique that leverages the benefits of stem cells is the enlargement of breasts and buttocks. This consists of removing the fat from areas such as the abdomen .still not extended and in debate in scientific circles ,is famous for increase the desired parts with own tissues and that enable a touch more natural . In comparison with the implants, have a more rapid recovery and carry less chance of rejection.
Science has shown that stem cells ideal for cosmetic use with adults, not embryonic stem cells . Add that is positive in patients with heart problems have been obtained significant results in the repair of heart muscle. Always willing to offer the best services , My Cosmetic Surgery will host this technique as yours once there is absolute certainty of their positive results.

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