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My Cosmetic Surgery understand certain surgeries that nobody could believe would be an aesthetic issue. However we are talking about some treatments that could give us great moments in our lives, beyond the possibilities of pleasure that can not provide. Is the physical that is flattering as it provides youth, intimate and flattering pleasure sensations. The area between the vagina and anus is called the perineum. This region suffers tears in case of episiotomy done during childbirth. If these changes are not repaired properly they contribute to sagging of the vaginal opening. TheĀ perineoplasty involves removing excess skin and muscles perineal suturing body to give a stronger sensation in the vaginal opening. The perineoplasty is used to restore elasticity and functionality of the perineum, which is the region between the entrance to the vagina and anus. When this area is young it has an elastic and smooth appearance. However, after one or more deliveries (depends on how traumatic they may be) and even if an episiotomy was performed, which aggravates the situation, some women can generate laxity in the region.

Perineoplasty by Laser

The duration of the perineoplasty laser is 30 minutes to about 1 hour, local anesthesia is used and is performed on an outpatient basis, offering women the opportunity to return to their regular activities quickly. The results are optimal with the laser, as well as recovering the youthful appearance of female genitalia, no scarring and permanently guarantees women satisfy their sexual desires.

Perineoplasty and Vaginoplasty

In most publications, consider that this procedure increases the sexual satisfaction. This treatment is almost always accompanied by vaginoplasty, other surgery that we mentioned in our blog. The duration of the procedure is approximately 60 minutes and takes the same postoperative procedures than other cosmetic surgeries. It is suggested applying an estrogen cream to help the healing process. We also recommend using unadjusted clothing as boxers and loose underwear, no thongs or tight clothing like jeans that may cause friction or discomfort. Also it advised not lift objects or activities that require you to bend down or to make efforts, trying to avoid creating tension at the level of the sutures. You should treat your genital area gently during healing phase. For any suggestions come to visit us at My Cosmetic Surgery. Our specialist would answer all the questions you might have.

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