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Vaginal narrowing reasons

One of the cosmetic surgeries that are more practiced by the women who are between 30 and 50 years old is the vaginal narrowing. Generally, those who have had more than one child wear the muscle tone of the bladder and therefore seen in her vagina an expansion that results in a loss of pleasure in sexual relationships. And this is one of the main reasons why the females come to consultation in My Cosmetic Surgery, since it does not feel sufficient a rub between the vaginal walls and the penis.

Vaginal narrowing treatmentvaginal walls,

There are many natural treatments for that the muscles recover its tone, however in many cases this is not achieved because it lost the strength of the tissues. The surgery for vaginal narrowing with laser, then, is a very viable solution for all those who wish to return to enjoy there life. This technique can be associated with other vaginal rejuvenation, or be made regardless. Its essence is to go to the outer part of the muscles surrounding the vagina and that have the function to activate the area with narrow and force. As well the woodle retrieves it’s flexibility and muscle tone.

Laser treatment is to introduce a speculum to guide the device that carries the laser. The removal using this procedure is accompanied by medications that stimulate the formation of collagen and elastic, which restructured the tissues affected by the incision. Can be applied two to four sessions and to the three days of each session the patient can already be practicing sexual activities.

 Vaginal narrowing results

With the procedure is accomplished as a result a narrowing in the vaginal cavity, the increase in their muscle contractions and a revival of the flexibility. The sexual desires of women also increase because they restructure the nerve tissue. This, of course, also has implications for an adequate chemistry with the bed mate, that immediately you will notice the change in your partner.The positive thing about this technique is that it returns it’s tone and the vaginal tightness to the patient without applying an open surgery. However, in our clinic and in many others, prefer more conventional techniques to achieve these goals, as with the laser can get unwanted results. With the expertise of our cosmetic surgeons with the scalpel incisions are very small and there is a more accurate care of tissues that inhabit in the area. We apply the general anesthesia, the points are located in the inner part and its soluble consistency makes it possible that they do not have to be removed.

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