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Varicose veins treatment by Dr. Rogelio Iglesias M.D., a specialist in this procedure at My Cosmetic Surgery, is performed with all the care associated with this treatment. Below we show the main care to be taken for treatment.

First of all, prevention:
How can we prevent varicose veins or spider veins so annoying in our body?


Spider veins are small but noticeable red or blue blood vessels. It is believed that they appear as a result of slow blood flow and weakened walls in the veins. Although many men and women are affected, women are more prone. The following steps can help you to reduce the chances of having them.
It is important to exercise regularly. Walking is very good for maintaining blood flow. If your job requires try to wear elastic stockings. It is important to lift your legs above the heart when we are lying because this makes blood flows easily to the heart.

Sclerotherapy or varicose veins treatment

Dr. Rogelio Iglesias M.D., specialist in varicose veins treatment, tells us that the injection of varicose veins is an invasive technique, which involves the chemical removal of diseased veins by injecting them an irritating substance that destroys some of its layers, determining a process of inflammation and subsequent fibrosis of the scar that gives the ultimate result the disappearance of the patient venous pathway.
Varicose veins treatment, also called sclerotherapy, can be used for superficial varicose veins, residual or recurrent varicose veins after surgery and micro varices to obliterate the varicose vein.

Surgery or varicose veins treatment

Varicose veins are a relatively common problem. There are treatments available and also surgery and sclerotherapy. All of them involve removal of the vein, either by stripping out (surgery) or by injecting a solution that causes the collapse of the vein and surrounding tissues absorption (sclerotherapy).
No treatment damages blood flow through the extremity. Some studies suggest that sclerotherapy is better than surgery in terms of varicose veins treatment success, complication rate and cost per year.


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