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Breast lifting: It is common in many men, the condition of gynecomastia. This medical word comes from the Greek and means “breast similar to those of women”. Already with this description you have an idea of what we are talking about.For sure has been not only one but many men with large breasts and fallen. Although they are not totally defined the cause of this procedure, the studies attribute this to the hormonal changes, especially of the estrogen and testosterone. And this may be caused by multiple issues such as aging, hyperthyroidism, cancer in other areas, etc. , and by the ingestion of certain medications and drugs such as alcohol, cigarette smoking and illegal drugs.

Before Breast Lifting surgery

It is therefore very indicated before the plastic surgery, the complete diagnosis of the body to eliminate possible diseases unknown to the patient up to that time.
The condition can arise in one or both breasts of man. This really is a condition that does not affect the health, but it is annoying to many who are concerned about its aesthetics. For this reason in my Cosmetic Surgery we give ourselves to the task of it the desired image to those gentlemen, that once in a while they love to show their body by the beaches of Miami

The gynecomastia is valued as an increase in the breast tissue and not the fat, as some think. Our plastic surgeons will be given the task of studying his case on the basis of factors such as age, the progress of the disease and the tolerance levels of the patient to some drugs. The surgical procedure can be using local anesthesia with sedation or under general. In our clinic surgeons use both to do this.

Who can do it

The style of the breast augmentation surgery, there will be a marking on the skin of the man in the indicated areas of the breasts. Can be performed by suction lipectomy, which is not more that a liposuction that allows diminish gradually fat, by open surgery (an incision in the tissue will eliminate the excesses of tissue) and the endoscopic, which uses a flexible tube that eliminates the tissues without incision.
The best candidates for correct gynecomastia are men who have a skin elastic and strong, and it is not advisable in obese men who have not made the attempt to fix the problem through diet or physical activity. Of course, people are subject to vices like alcohol or cigarette smoke are not good candidates either, because these are the cause of gynecomastia.
The postoperative period is slightly annoying, but it is controlled with medication prescribed by our doctors. The swelling will remain for several days, although an elastic bandage can help accelerate the process of inflammation. It is recommended that, although you cannot perform activities that involve physical force, the patient will be reintegrated into the normal life to the extent that their possibilities allow it to be. You can even return to work about two or three days after being operated on.

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