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When we talk about breast reduction or mammaplasty we are referring to the cosmetic surgery that removes the fat, tissue and skin of this part of the body. Sometimes very large breasts may be discomforting for women, causing back pain or irritation in the skin. Also, aesthetically woman can find a imbalance in her figure if her breast is bigger than the rest of her body.

In this procedure is very important that surgeon to meet with the patient interested in surgery for a general evaluation. This type of procedure is very common in My Cosmetic Surgery, where our specialists are prepared to advice the patients about the different types of surgeries and the size and shape that breast could be.

Breast reduction in My Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. José Zayas M.D. has great results in this surgical technique. According to his experience, a breast reduction surgery lasts about three hours and in specific cases can be a bit longer. The incision of this surgery is anchor-shaped, from where the surgeon extracts the excess of fat, skin and breast tissue. Both the nipple as the areola can be returned to their natural position, or be removed to a higher position. The surgeon

Dr. José Zayas M.D. adds that after surgery it is the usual that patients experience tiredness, some pain and swelling in the breasts, but it can be relieve with pills prescribed by the doctors. Also, the nipples can have some burning in the fifteen days following the surgery.

The stitches will be removed around the ten days. From the point of view of the surgeon, the patient should avoid physical efforts, although in few days may go back to normal life. The scar will tend to decrease with the passage of time, although its presence is inevitable. Almost always this surgery is done with general anesthesia, although it can also be used the local with sedation.

Tips for breast surgery

Before the end, a few tips from our specialist Dr. José Zayas M.D.: ” it is ideal that women do not smoke, but if she did, at least to suspend it before and after the breasts surgery. Smoking prevents adequate healing and may lead to infections. It is also essential to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and other drugs that may affect the coagulation. And, above all, to follow the advice of plastic surgeons.

In Miami, many females are welcoming this possibility and come to our clinic for a benefit not only aesthetic, but also for their health.

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