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Calf implant in Miami

Calf implant: one of the parts of the body that give more sexual symbolism and aesthetics are the legs. And within these there is another area full of visual appeal and that however has not been very widespread still in the plastic surgery: the calves. Even it is not a frequent aspiration within the people, who prefer to devote their resources and the surgical submission to other areas of the body

But always take into account that each of the parts of the human figure has its aesthetic function, therefore it is not more go to this cosmetic surgery in search of perfection. The lack of development of each calf hurts the figure of the person, being linked with the presence of the muscles and hips. And what is worse is if the problem occurs only in the leg by different disorders such as illnesses or injuries, giving a asymmetry detrimental to the view. For this there is a solution of the prosthesis or implant, which enables an improvement in the muscles of the legs twins, because they achieve a better definition.

Calf Implant

Usually the procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general, and lasts between one and two hours. An incision will be behind the knee which will allow you to make a kind of bag where it enters the implant silicone fill high-density. Its surface is created directly for this area of the body to be smooth and very rugged.

A careful suture will enable that scars to be barely visible. At the same time, the legs will be bandaged for some time to hold the implants in the desired position and avoid possible inflammations. It is recommended that you avoid strenuous physical activity until after the four months, but the person may start their normal lives around for the week, always in dependence on the evolution of each agency.

For Patients

It is very important that patients have delimited the aspirations of improvement with the operation so that the plastic surgeon has an accurate idea of your needs when it comes to defining the size and shape of the implant. There may be instances that the recovery the patient present problems and sensitivity of the skin. Similarly, in case that the procedure is not the most appropriate, a situation can occur where the shape is further distort. However, these effects are not the most abundant as they can be countered easily with an appropriate professional expertise.


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