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An aesthetic trend that has been extended in recent times is the fill of the cheekbones, already that this is achieved with define of best way middle and lower parts of the face.


In response to this fashion trend has been more popular in the popular taste, the specialists of My Cosmetic Surgery have also increased the number of patients attending a cite for the treatment.   In this regard we had the pleasure of speaking with the MD Ana Cristina Trisan who believes that this technique aims to underscore the appearance of youth of the person. “The aging directly affects this area of the face, since there is a kind of bone resorption where the cheekbone loses consistency and its elevation feature.

The procedure

This increases the feeling of old age and the other facial features resemble be more outstanding, which is nothing more than an imbalance in the face”, she says. Although there are stuffed with fat or silicone implants, adds Dr. that in our clinic we use the radiesse, product world wide use and have always done with positive results in patients. The stuffing tends to last for a year and six months and there is no problem with the repetition. In terms of what are the implications of this procedure, the bruising that occurs in the part are applied in dependence on the physical constitution of the patient. “The process is very simple. The radiesse brings the lidocoina, ideal for numb in the same prick to possess calcium strengthens the bone function. I clean the part to apply, a photo is taken and produced to put the stuffing in the cheekbone above the bone,” adds Dr. The malar bone is responsible for giving the triangular form to the cheekbone. There is also the procedure of the cheekbone implants, with approximately one hour duration. It uses an artificial implant to do this and the key feature is the large incision made inside the mouth. At the end the patient comes up with a bandaged face and with treatment against inflammation. Without doubt this is one of the more aggressive techniques. Other as fat transfer-the excess and existing in any part of the body-are also widely used. However, the most important thing that patients should take into account is that whatever the procedure used to follow the instructions of the doctor in regards to medication to take, the hygiene and the movements of the face that will continue in the recovery, ends the Dr. Trisan.

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