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The crural lift procedure is widely used in plastic surgery. However the majority of the patients who come to my Cosmetic Surgery are unfamiliar with the term “crural” and prefer naming it “lifting of thighs” or “stretching of the thighs“. What is certain is that this is very much used. This part of the body is so sensual, and at the same time a demonstration of an athletic figure, according to the aspirations of each person.

The flacidity of the skin becomes a unsightly element and many decide to eliminate it in the thighs with this type of surgery. It removes the excess skin and adipose tissue that populate the inner thighs. Ideally perform this surgical procedure in conjunction with a liposuction of the thighs and buttocks, although many decide to apply this in a second surgery.


Crural Lift in Miami

The technique involves incisions between the inguinal crease and the perineum, which makes possible a little visual presentation. In addition, our cosmetic surgeons are given the task of suture with great care to ensure that the healing is the best. These, in the initial consultation, valued by the patient to determine if you are eligible or not and will guide the precautions to be taken to a proper recovery. The consultation is the ideal place to ask any question or talk about patient’s expectatives.

The anesthesia that is used is general, although some physicians prefer the use of the local with sedation. Depending on the size to operate, the process can take between one and two hours. The surgeon will make a dial in the area where you will make the incisions and post-operation will be placed drains that can be removed a day later. It is also positioned stripes of compression that will have a duration of one month. Approximately a week the withdrawal of the points, and more or less to the ten days, always depending on the conditions of the body of a person, you can return to work activities.

Crural Lift in Miami

The most frequent complications of the crural facelift are the accumulation of fluid under the skin, inflammation and lack of sensitivity. This, of course, can be prevented with the professionalism of our medical staff and with the monitoring of the patient due to the instructions. It is highly recommended that you avoid physical force and that the patient is returning to everyday life in a stepwise manner. My Cosmetic Surgery  give all patients the best personalized attention. The Lymphatic massages are an excellent option in the crural lift postoperative. The massage can help to the organism to drainage all fluid due to surgery.

Without doubt crural lift is very satisfactory, since it allows the person has a new image by reducing the mass of the thighs. Of course, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle like doing exercise and eat well.

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