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Eyebrows lift: The drooping eyebrows is another of the demonstrations that show signs of aging in both men and women. The effect of gravity and the same muscle action tend to lead to a lowering of the eyebrows to the passage of the years, leading to the appearance of a look tired, angry, and sad. In addition, the eyes look smaller and the upper eyelids more bulky.

Eyebrows Lift

That is why there are a number of techniques to achieve these low eyebrows that they return to their natural state, giving back to the face several years of joy and youth. In My Cosmetic Surgery there are several procedures to achieve this goal, we leave on the consideration of the patients throughout Miami and much of Florida to visit us every day.

One of them is the frontoplastia, which involves inserting an endoscope through small incisions located above the hair line. The endoscope allows the surgeon a proper display of the muscular structure, with what is achieved remove the excesses and occur the lifting of the eyebrows. This technique, in comparison with the coronal facelift – the more invasive surgery – has a much faster recovery and less scars, but is less durable.

Our Cosmetic Surgeons

Our cosmetic surgeons argue that both surgeries have risks, but these are quite scarce, especially related to anesthesia, poor wound healing or necrosis of the skin. All them are reduced with appropriate practical measures that our staff and with the wise instructions for recovery of the patient.
Another of the procedures used are the wires tensioners, which give a temporary lifting of the eyebrows. This is quite painless and simple. With local anesthesia allows a very quick recovery and then the patient will return to their normal activities. The wires exert their function in two periods: first strained the skin, and then generate a fibrosis of the tissues around the eyebrows with what is delayed the fall of the typical aging tissues.
As all the treatments of lifting of the eyebrows that are for a period, it may last for a reasonable period of up to two years, always in dependence on conditions of the skin of the person.
In addition to the wire tensioners, Botox is another non-surgical technique very used. Its function is to paralyze the external part of the orbicular muscle of the eye, with what you get raise the tail end of the eyebrow. The major advantages of this product are the attenuation of wrinkles, however, you can exert positive action on the orbicularis oculi muscle underneath the hair from the eyebrow, which usually tends to contract had been down, and with the effect of the Botox makes it upwards. This technique also has a temporary effect.
All of these procedures are positive and for the satisfaction of our customers. By putting at the disposal of all these possibilities for your aesthetic improvement and satisfaction, we are comforted to continue extending our success in cosmetic surgeries.

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