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Fractional CO2 laser in Miami

Fractional CO2 laser: correct wrinkles and expression lines on the face becomes a chimera and a odyssey for many people who yearn for the recovery of the years of his youth, slenderness and freshness. And this is equivalent to visit multiple cosmetic treatments such as facial fillers, Botox, the platelet-rich plasma, cosmetic surgery, the hydrafacial, radio frequency, among so many.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Each one of them has its positive results, just as there are negative or imperceptible leads in many other patients. Of course, no human body is the same, and it is wrong to think that the same treatment could work in all patients. For this reason there is a variety, just as we do in my Cosmetic Surgery, which has won the prize of clinic of plastic surgeries number one in Miami and throughout southern Florida.
Another of these facial procedures that yield positive dividends in the image of the person is the fractional CO2 laser, which is characterized by having an exact address and well intense x-rays on the points most needy of the skin. At the same time, it has the possibility to act on the superficial layers and deepest of the skin damaged by factors such as over the years, the sun, the wrinkles, spots, among others. This incident on the old layers of the skin with the abrasive laser makes the body forms new cell layers for your renewal.
The laser is an important step forward for the cosmetic surgeries because it allows total control of the skin exfoliation. It enables the aesthetic surgeon work on the damaged skin and you come to the exact depth. The damage of the other areas it is unlikely, and the heat that is conceived increases the formation of collagen to see a result of a nascent with skin appear smooth and natural.

Studies indicate that this procedure is not ideal for darker skins, as they possess the greatest pigmentation, so they have more possibilities to absorb the excess energy laser that can lead to negative consequences as the discoloration of the skin or blisters. However, it is important to recognize that the fractional laser is less prone to discoloration is that the laser classic, especially for the facilities that gives the surgeon for manipulation.

What is it about?

Depending on the size of the treatment on the face, this can last from two hours up to three, local anesthesia is used and the recovery can be a little uncomfortable the first two days, especially by inflammation that arises and the itching sensation. A few patches of the porous skin color will be placed on the treated area for an adequate cellular regeneration. Already after the first week will be noticing significant changes, although it is necessary that the patient apply in your specific skin creams for wetting, as well as a special makeup that hides the typical redness of the skin nascent. Avoid sun exposure will be needed for several months.

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