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Just the noun Juvederm indicates an immediate meaning: dermatological rejuvenation. This dermal filler is characterized by being very soft and flow with ease. In My Cosmetic Surgery patients use with assiduity, on the basis of suggestions made by our doctors ,always depending on the age ,of the area where it could be implemented and the deterioration of this.

It is usually directed to young patients,and the lidocaine with it’s mixed enables a considerable decrease in the pain and therefore a more comfortable experience,to avoid additional anelgesicos to not be topical creams. The hyaluronic acid is the main raw material for this product, which also serves to the Restylane.The positive in all this is that this substance comes from the same man’s body,reaching in places such as the cartilage, joints, and skin.

It does not produce rejection in the body once again that is supplied. And are very well known their properties of epidermal rehydrating while rebuilding the fibers that serve as a containment to the tissues. A few years ago was very much used collagen for these same functions,but the evolution of science has shown courage in pursuing the hyaluronic acid has higher levels of duration that your predecedor.

Juvederm in My Cosmetic Surgery

The MD of My Cosmetic Surgery,Ana Cristina Trisan, believes that Juvederm in Miami is very positive for cases such as wrinkles, enlarged lips, as well as all the other things which are the lines of facial expression. Clarifies that the juvedern and Restylane are ideal for young people because its constitution liquid causes more rapid progress in the shallower lines.

Older people,on the other hand, must already injected products such as radiesse,that they are more viscose and work with greater effectiveness in deep furrows. In most cases ones produced the application,the patient can enjoy its benefits between six months and a year. Its repetition ones it lose their effects has no problem for the health.,since the acid is completely assimilated by the body.

Specialized advices about Juvederm in Miami

Dr. Trisan recommends that persons who are interested in Juvederm in Miami avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory, as well as large proportions of vitamin E in the week that will precede the treatment. This way is secure to prevent possible bleeding’s.

Approved by the FDA for use in the United States, Juvederm in MiamiĀ is an excellent option for all those people who decide to take care of your skin. And it is one of the treatments with greater ease in our clinic ,the number one cosmetic surgery south Florida .

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