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Many people limit themself’s to go to the beach because they don’t want to be in the dire need to show there body before others. The thighs or upper legs are one of these parts of the body that makes you look aesthetic when they have excess skin and fat. Women are mostly subject to lift surgery of thighs , although to My Cosmetic Surgery patients come also men of Miami and other parts of the country with the aim to lift the thighs fallen. Well, this part of the body that is very attractive to the eye when the youth premium you can be rescued and thus returns you the attraction to the person with a simple plastic surgery.

Why a Lift Surgery of thighs ?

Several factors affect he thighs falter. From the natural process of aging that cause the stretching of the skin, the changes in weight, the same pregnancy, influence that appear leftover skin, flaccidity and wrinkles. Furthermore, this leads to discomfort that arise such as irritations by rubbing. Diet and physical exercise, though they help, they are not a viable solution to problems such as the already mentioned. Keep in mind that the diet can contribute to weight loss, but does not eliminate the excess skin, so it is ideal that the lift surgery of thighs  is the add-in for those that decrease of weight.

Many of our plastic surgeons perform the lift surgery of thighs linked to the liposuction and the lifting of buttocks, although you can also become independent. In the operation, the surgeon performs cosmetic incisions on the inside and outside parts of the thighs, but these depend on the amount of excess skin. Through these incisions are performed a liposuction to remove fat and then removes the excess skin. The methods to be used in the thigh lift surgery always dependent on the anatomy of the person, of the problems it presents, and of the councils of our doctors.

 Lift Surgery of thighs and patients

What is certain is that the results are very positive in the patients, since the thighs earn a look healthier and more harmonious with the legs and buttocks. The lift surgery of thighs lasts about two hours if it is single, or up to four if it unites with other procedures. The bandage in the thighs will be ideal to retain the stitches and to help the effects of the lipo.

It is recommended that the patient of a lift surgery of thighs rests for about two days, during which time they must be removed the bandages and drainage. And if your work is not of great physical activities, you can return to it in about ten days, always depending on the conditions of body and recovery. However, it will be several weeks after this cosmetic procedure until your legs and thighs achieve a semblance of normality.

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