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Today’s priority is to stay up to date with the fashion norm that seems to consistently evolve .In regards to the fashion and innovations of the human body they are also progressing excessively, especially by the logic of that there are no obstructions to a person to incorporate his image changes how many intend to. Fleshy lips, for example, are a prototype of beauty extended for centuries. Imagine to simply taste a long kiss and already realizing its importance. So thinking about this same feeling is widespread, it is never bad thinking to incorporate this trend in our body.

Lip augmentation

There are two forms of undergoing a lip augmentation, it can be done either using padding materials that last indefinitely or using materials that lasts a limited time. In My Cosmetic Surgery we used the seconds procedure to do a lip augmentation, this is because we think it is the most beneficial for the health, since it can be reabsorbed by the body. Called Cheiloplasty without surgery, this form is ideal for anyone in search of and not suffer an operation and at the same time obtain good results.

At My Cosmetic Surgery:

The MD Rogelio Iglesias argues that predominate in our clinical cases of women who undergo this type of procedures, although it has appreciated a considerable increase in recent times of male patients. “We use much restyle and juvederm in this aspect, since they contain lidocaine and avoiding punctures to anesthetize. He applied a topical lotion to avoid any rest of pain, is massaged the lip and the injection occurs”. Swollen lips with this type of procedures? Yes, the first few days the lips swell. We recommend to our patients that if they are willing to take the treatment to avoid important events during this week, since they would be in a period of recovery. But it is not painful procedure, because we are using very small needles. Is there any contraindication? Which patients may not be eligible? The hyaluronic acid is harmless for the human body. Even patients with lupus-a strong rheumatic condition-may be subjected to this procedure. We recommend to our patients review your medical history, because for example, which has been previously placed bio polymer in your body-substance banned for use in cosmetics in this country by its deadly results-not being able to submit to the benefits of increased lips with the restylen or juvederm to avoid a negative reaction. What is the duration? The duration is approximately six months. And there is no problem if you want to repeat the treatment once completed by its effects. In My Cosmetic Surgery we have always the doors open, and we take care of a large group of patients who return for repeat the increase of lips in Miami, Florida and the rest of the United States.

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