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Lipofilling in Miami

It is very usual in these times, the use of the lipofilling as important technique for the rising volume in several parts of the body. Miami, a city that goes beyond fashion and aesthetics everywhere, is worthy representative of this trend, as is evidenced by the hundreds of patients who come each week to My Cosmetic Surgery in search of fill the areas least “favored” by the grace of nature.


Hence one of our slogans, that qualifies to our clinic as a real machine, where the people come out with the high esteem well thanks to the kindness of aesthetic an increase in the curves. And this, of course, is accompanied by high standards of medical quality that result in a rapid recovery of the patient.

The lipofilling is one of the procedures that we practice with much success, especially in the fat transfer to the buttocks. This technique has been gaining power in plastic surgery since the 1990s and today it has become something very unusual, since it does not have contraindications to the human body to be assimilated by this by its natural consistency. Fat cells are extracted from some parts of the body, mostly in the abdomen or thighs and are transferred to other parties that need padding for a more aesthetic effect.


Special cannulas through liposuction is performed, which you can use general anesthesia or local with sedation. The fat is absorbed as the cannula is connected to a vacuum machine, or are also used the vibrations of high frequency ultrasound. Later will come the process of spinning, and debugging of fat cells -looking for being infiltrated nothing more fat cells alive that can endure in the tissue-, which will be introduced in parties such as the buttocks, breasts, thighs, face, among other areas.
In the case of the breasts this procedure is used to achieve a natural fill, both to find balance in both breasts, such as to increase the volume of the two. Not in our clinic we do not use this procedure in breasts, because they are much more effective implantation of silicone or saline water. These are harmless to the human body and give a proper volume, whereas the lipofilling gives moderate increases breast because they could not inject large portions in a single treatment.
With the buttocks occurs something different in that it is now an area more prone to manipulation. Well the fat transfer is a technique of much use. Up to 40 per cent of the transferred fat can be absorbed by the body, but in many cases is less. No doubt the results are very positive.
Another area of benefit of lipofilling is the facial, that allows restore areas such as the oval facial, increase the volume of the cheekbones, the lips, cheeks, or delete folds and wrinkles. Other techniques for the face as the platelet-rich plasma, Botox and facial fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane have similar effects.

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