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In May of 2015 was held in the city of Barcelona, the first International Summit on liposuction 4D. This is demonstrative of the importance that you are taking this innovative technique in plastic surgery, that can improve the human body with the lesser invasion possible and with minimal postoperative complications.

Liposuction 4D or Vaser lipo high definition

Also called Vaser lipo high definition, which is very well used by our Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso M.D. at My Cosmetic Surgery, this procedure uses microloans of barely three millimeters thick, which are introduced in the arms, thighs and neck, while that for the back and abdomen are used other of much greater calaje although with little chance of back pain. It is valid read the words of the doctor colombian Alfredo Hoyos, who more has extended the studies on the technique of 4D Lipo, which according to him “is a ultrasound-assisted liposuction that defined muscles and get “forms more pleasant ( …) creates a abdominal of course marked in men, and the figure of an hourglass with abdominal firm in women”.

Liposuction 4D in Miami

In My Cosmetic Surgery the doctor LaGrasso uses the local anesthesia to neutralize the area to be treated and at the same time diminish thickness to the blood vessels. Then, the Vaser probe penetrates in the fat and emits an ultrasonic wave that breaks down the fat cells.

Well the fat going to a liquid state, and will be sucked into using a delicate aspiration that does not destroy the blood vessels, nerves or muscles. At the same time, it is carving the muscular anatomy which is reinforced in the arms, chest, abdomen and back. After about fifteen days are beginning to be noticed the real results of a better figure, but it is highly recommended that the patient is maintained with a stable diet and with a plan of physical activities to prevent further buildup of grease.

This type of liposuction greatly expands the spectrum of potential patients. If before the people that were interested in the procedure were rather the that were beyond their body fat accumulation, today the liposuction Vaser high definition or 4D is an excellent choice for all those who want to add to your body muscle definition. It is necessary to clarify that the ideal candidates for this lipo are those who enjoy a proper muscle tone and that do not have much accumulated fat or sagging skin. For these latter cases may be recommended a traditional lipo.

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