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In My Cosmetic Surgery one of the plastic surgery to refine details aesthetic in people is the navel surgery reconstruction. In most cases, according to our coordinator of surgeries, Yilian Ramos, these occur in union with other large procedure as the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty.

Navel Surgery

However, clarifies the coordinator, there are cases in which the patients decide to undergo the surgical procedure in order to achieve an improvement in the body beauty and even a greater sensuality. The navel is symbolically mark in the center of the body, and when it is uncovered, with the clothes on the beach, or with a jean under blouse and a short, any imperfection in the is seen as an imbalance aesthetic. There are several causes for the navel to altered its shape, among which are the birth, hernias, wounds, piercings, and others.

The umbilicoplastia has transform functions as the size, shape or placement of the navel. The aesthetic paradigm of forced is that it is small, with vertical location and with a upper membrane. In our clinic patients come from all over Miami for corrected navels outgoing -outtie – and the very small -innie-, as well as those who are deformed from the birth of the person, or after pregnancy, or a substantial shift in weight.


In the cases of unique reconstruction of the navel is the procedure with local anesthesia. Already with the tummy tuck the operation is done under general anesthesia. In the first case it can last up to half an hour or a little more, always in dependence of the deformation to treat. The sutures are removed to located the week, do not leave any trace of scar and the recovery is excellent, as they generally do not result in large swellings or discomfort and does not lead hospital admission.
Our patients are almost always incorporate to their labor activity a day after the surgery. It is recommended that they avoid manipulation of the area, as well as exposure to the sun the first week. It is generally a surgery that leaves permanent results, although they may be altered in subsequent situations for pregnancy or sudden increases in weight.
It is very important that the person come to the cosmetic surgeons trained for this type of operation, because although it is considered the lower rate, can lead to some surgical complications and unwanted aesthetic results. In this sense, My Cosmetic Surgery continues to expand its range of quality in this city and in the entire Florida clinic as number one in quality of services, prices and patient satisfaction.

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