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If you noticed that your ears are beyond the normal size,that are not commensurate with your head,or that they possess some deformation, an otoplasty can be performed. This is one of the deformations of the body that are negatively in a psychological result of complex and concerns in many patients . As it appears in the Iberoamerican Plastic Surgery magazine, in its version 35m ,this is one of the most common problems in plastic surgery, appearing in nearly 5 percent of the world’s population.

My Cosmetic Surgery

In My Cosmetic Surgery we are pleased to have the services of the M. D Fabian Fontaine,one of our experienced surgeons who has excellent results with this procedure.This makes it clear that it would be best done in small children, since around the age of five, can already be detected the main deformation in the ears. However, there are many people that were not submitted to this surgery in the childhood.The otoplasty is a widely used in adults, such as occurs in Miami ,where dozens of people come each month to our clinic for this.

There is a great variety and procedures to define the otoplasty. That way,you can correct the abnormalities through the sutures that enable maintain the form that requests the patient,will decrease fragments of skin or cartilage or works in the form of the latter to move it to the proper position. It is very common the use of local anesthesia, and on several occasions this is combined with sedatives. In cases of a child we applied the general anesthesia to prevent suffering. Several pictures before the surgery will make it possible to follow up and post-recovery.


To the patient,after the operation ,you may feel pain ,although it is moderate and can be easily controlled by analgesics.Working life may begin approx. three days , although it is recommended that the patient go to the doctor a week after, which will then be given to the task of removing the bandage and examine the compression that was carried out to the ear toward the head.
Like any surgery, the M. D Fontaine recommended not to take aspirin or vitamin E about 15 days before the operation ,to avoid any anti-coagulation. During.During the first three days the wounds may drain fluid, and the patient should avoid subjected to heat or physical effort.He adds that the scar will be in the furrow or in the downstream edge, if this is to reduce size.The real results will not be felt until the inflammation goes down.
Some patients may complain that the result does not seem very natural , more properly glued to the head.This , according to our specialist , is due to the types of less advanced techniques used by some surgeons. In My Cosmetic surgery,concludes ,are used the most advanced techniques and natural curves are obtained,giving symmetry in the entire head.

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