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Radiofrequency is definitely one of the most used techniques and with the best results in cosmetic procedures. Taking advantage of the electromagnetic’ waves can be solved different conditions that can go from wrinkles on the face and cellulite. In My Cosmetic Surgery this is very well used, as shown in the therapist Zuleika Munibes, who says that the main function of the radio frequency is to regenerate the collagen in the body, as well as elastin and melatonin in the skin. “This process helps the skin look smoother, healthier, and fresher. “This is a procedure which complies with the same objectives as the plasma, which prick and painless”, argues.


The laxity of the skin on the face and neck can be removed with this technique, which is ideal in the initial periods that do not require the execution of a facelift. In this area, as in others, the treatment starts taking several photos with the marking of the skin with a surgical marker. The energy becomes the body through contact with an oil that washes the skin area to be treated. Aloe Vera gel is the best to refresh the skin at the end of the treatment. It is good to avoid the Sun during two days of sessions, as well as drinking plenty of water after the procedure, since this will contribute to a proper hydration of the body. Through some sessions collagen is restructuring and old fibers by the rejuvenated are are restoring. Between four and ten sessions is the deadline so the person can see real results, always depending on the area to be treated and the conditions of the patient’s body. Radio frequency also has its uses in the treatment of cellulite and sagging body.

The Science

The scientific explanation of their benefits is derived from that it generates an electric field that varies from positive to negative. Thus a molecular movement that converts the heat is produced. There is molecular movement that converts the heat. Two types of radio frequency are formed: the bipolar that heats surface skin, and the unipolar, which warms up toward the inside of the skin and activating the adipose tissue. It is a painless procedure. In cases as cellulite the patient may feel some pain with radiofrequency, but usually in the rest of the suffering is quite harmless. It is a very safe technique, add Zuleika Munibes therapist. At the end of each session the person may notice redness in the skin, but this lasts shortly. It is not recommended for pregnant women or for people who suffer from heart, or who have metal implants and medical conditions. Before starting treatment is the patient a brief inquiry in to determine if you are eligible or not for this treatment.

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