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My Cosmetic Surgery is an aesthetic center with over 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and beauty treatments. Behind its iconic image of Number One Clinic of South Florida, and the popular slogan "Sing it to remember", there is a great team of professionals who work unsparingly to guarantee the wellness, safety and satisfaction of all our patients. Our professionals perform many surgical and nonsurgical procedures, applying the most innovative aesthetic techniques, in order to meet all expectations. The main goal of My Cosmetic Surgery Miami is to provide quality care to our patients, from the first phone call to the successful recovery of a cosmetic procedure.

The highly qualified medical team of our clinic is formed by prestigious specialists, all duly accredited and experienced in cosmetic surgery including Jeffrey LaGrasso MD (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Board Certified), José Zayas MD (Cosmetic Surgeon Board Certified), Fabian Fontaine MD (Cosmetic Surgeon Board Certified), Aristides A. Martinez MD (Cosmetic Surgeon Board Certified) and Gonzalo Mosquera MD (Cosmetic Surgeon Board Certified).

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My Cosmetic Surgery Center in Miami have been in the market for more than 20 years in the Plastic Surgery Industry. In My Cosmetic Surgery Miami the clients will find the best Plastic Surgeons in Miami. No other plastic surgery center in Miami, Florida offers more experience, care for its clients and professional and experienced team of plastic surgeons, nursing and Customer Care assistants as our center has for you.
These implants are no longer made of liquid silicone in a sac. If you cut them in half, they are gel-like (think Turkish Delight) and therefore cannot puncture, explode or leak into the body.Though they are banned in the U.S., they have Department of Health approval and most British surgeons prefer to use silicone rather than saline. Soya bean oil implants (Trilucent) are no longer offered in this country.
Not really. A tummy tuck is invasive surgery, but it is normally done under general anaesthetic so you don’t feel anything. However, recovery can be slow.On a smaller scale, lip treatments can smart because of the number of nerves around your mouth.Anaesthetic cream dulls the sensation or a nerve block can numb the whole area.
There is a difference between being back on your feet and complete recovery.‘With make-up, you’ll be presentable two weeks after a face-lift, but full recovery can take six months,’ says Jan Stanek.‘Most of the swelling with breast reduction disappears within two weeks, but it’ll be up to nine months before you’re back to normal.’After liposuction, you have to spend three weeks wearing very tight bandages over the areas treated. This can be hot, uncomfortable and embarrassing – it may even affect everyday activities (such as using the lavatory).But laser peels require the most dedication. Your face will have been stripped of its top layers of skin and you will be left with a bright red, oozing face.You have to clean the skin to remove any scabs and re-apply special burn cream many times during the day and night.
THINK about a face-lift at 45 when your skin is still elastic. Once you reach your late 50s, your skin will have lost much of the elasticity that ensures a natural-looking lift. It can be done (think of Julie Christie), but it will be a big job, and may need to be combined with laser resurfacing, eyelid surgery and a brow lift. Surgeons are wary of performing liposuction on the over-50s as skin may sag once fat has been removed.
During your breast augmentation consultation you will discuss your desires and goals in detail. Your surgeon will go over with you any asymmetries or limitations of your breast anatomy that may affect the implant selection. There are many types of implants which vary in base diameter, projection, and shape. Your surgeon will help you to determine which implant type will best fit your body and provide you with the best cosmetic results.
Saline implants are filled with a “Normal Saline” solution which is basically sterilized water with added sodium chloride (salt). Should the implant rupture or leak, this saline solution, just like water, would be absorbed by your body. Silicone implants are now FDA approved for use in the United States. Silicone implants are filled with a silicone gel that holds together and is “cohesive”. This implant feels more natural and has more natural give that resembles breast tissue. Patients are able to achieve natural results with either choice. During your breast augmentation consultation you will have an opportunity to examine and feel both saline and silicone gel breast implants.



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