Results of Breast Augmentation at My Cosmetic Surgery

At My Cosmetic Surgery, specialists prefer implant-based breast augmentation due to its lasting and natural-looking results.

Breast augmentation surgery, stands out as one of the most sought-after surgical procedures at My Cosmetic Surgery, a prestigious South Florida surgery clinic with over 25 years of experience. With this procedure, patients aim to enhance and improve the appearance of their breasts using saline or silicone gel implants, or through the transfer of the patient’s own fat. At My Cosmetic Surgery, specialists prefer implant-based breast augmentation due to its lasting and natural-looking results.

Ideal candidates for breast augmentation are women in good overall health who have undergone pregnancy, experienced weight loss, or simply lack the desired volume in their breasts. The results of breast augmentation surgery performed at My Cosmetic Surgery can be immediately noticeable, although a few days are required for postoperative swelling to subside and incision marks to fade.

Breast augmentation techniques have improved over the years, and currently, patients undergoing this procedure report improvements in various aspects of their lives. The sense of beauty is closely linked to self-esteem, so as individuals recover from surgery, their satisfaction with the procedure increases as they observe their breasts becoming fuller, just as desired. Breast augmentation not only addresses an aesthetic concern but also provides a more attractive physical appearance.

After surgery, firm and uplifted breasts make the patient feel younger and more appealing, allowing them to wear more revealing necklines and clothing that fits their body better. Thousands of patients choose My Cosmetic Surgery for its over 25 years of excellent service and the quality of its specialists. Breast augmentation at the number one clinic in the United States is performed by the following surgeons: Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, Dr. Ravinder Jarial, Dr. David Globerman, Dr. William Scott McDonald, and Dr. Luke Gutwein. All specialists are duly accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have the necessary experience to perform breast augmentation or breast augmentation surgery.

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