Scars You Dislike: What’s the Right Treatment for You?

The technique employed by our scar revision specialists may involve a series of small incisions on both sides of the scar following the skin's natural folds, making the scar appear less noticeable

Scars from cesarean sections, keloids, or surgical interventions are enduring reminders of our journeys through the operating room or accidents that leave lasting imprints on our bodies. Scar revision is the procedure through which these skin alterations are corrected, enhancing or diminishing their appearance.

The technique involves creating another scar, but with methods that make it simpler and less visible. The healing process of the new scar will undergo different stages depending on the location of the injury, its size, skin color, patient’s age, and hereditary factors.

My Cosmetic Surgery is the ideal aesthetic center for undergoing this procedure. Our outstanding specialists and unparalleled service ensure successful outcomes. Scar revision surgery can help improve the appearance of a scar or make it less visible. If the scar is tight and restricts skin movement, revision surgery can address the issue. While no scar can be completely erased, surgical revision can enhance its appearance and alleviate discomfort.

Among the scars most suitable for correction, keloids stand out—abnormally thicker scars with a different color and texture than the surrounding skin. Also, scars that are angled against the skin’s natural tension lines and have thickened, or those causing distortion of other features or hindering normal movement or function.

At My Cosmetic Surgery, the technique employed by our scar revision specialists may involve a series of small incisions on both sides of the scar following the skin’s natural folds, making the scar appear thinner and less noticeable. Another method to treat a scar is skin grafting, which entails taking a thin layer of skin from another part of the body and placing it over the injured area. This technique is used when a considerable amount of skin has been lost in the original injury, when a thin scar has not healed, or when the primary concern is to improve function rather than appearance.

Scar revision at My Cosmetic Surgery is performed by surgeons Jeffrey LaGrasso, Luke Gutwein, Fabián Fontaine Figueredo, and David Globerman, all duly accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and with an extensive track record of satisfied patients.

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