Understanding Thigh Lift Surgery: What You Need to Know?

Thigh lift surgery removes excess skin and tissue to enhance body contour, creating a more symmetrical and youthful appearance.

Thigh lift surgery, is a surgical procedure aimed at improving the shape and firmness of the legs. Over time or following significant weight loss, it’s common for the skin in this area of the body to become loose and saggy. Thighs are particularly prone to sagging and localized fat accumulation, which can lead to functional issues and skin irritation.

In essence, thigh lift surgery is a surgical intervention that aims to enhance the patient’s body contour by removing excess skin and tissue, thereby achieving a more symmetrical and youthful appearance.

Most patients undergoing this procedure require both the removal of fat deposits and the resection and relocation of thigh skin. Therefore, this surgery is indicated for individuals with skin laxity and varying degrees of excess fat in this area.

The ideal candidate is someone in good overall health looking to improve the appearance of their thighs through a lift. However, before deciding to undergo this surgery, it’s important for the patient to carefully review their expectations regarding the procedure and discuss them with their plastic surgeon.

At our center, Dr. Jeffrey Lagrasso, Dr. Fabian Fontaine Figueredo, Dr. David Globerman, and Dr. Luke Gutwein, all board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, have extensive experience performing these types of surgeries and have a long list of satisfied patients.

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